The main causes of teeth squeak in a dream in a child

Symptoms of bruxismGnash teeth in a dream for anyone is not news. Some heard how to bite their teeth with someone from the household, others just heard that there is such a disease. The scientific name of this syndrome is bruxism. Most young children suffer from this disease. Usually, the manifestation of the disease lasts no more than 10 minutes and does not particularly depend on the sleep phase and, as a rule, in the morning the child does not remember anything.

What is bruxism?

Ways to eliminate teeth squeak in a dreamHaving heard the night for the first time the incomprehensible sound from the children's bedroom, each parent will experience shock and will be frightened, and, having gone to check, will experience bewilderment. Why a child can grit one's teeth in his sleep? What is it all about? How to deal with it? And this question will torment him until he understands what he faced.

In the old days, and even now, many believe that the cause of the gnashing of teeth in a dream are worms. It is believed that parasitic worms in the human stomach, prevent the absorption of various vitamins, including those responsible for the work of the nervous system of such a vitamin as B12.

Many still, knowing this, are convinced that the reason for the gnashing of teeth in a dream is nothing other than worms. But, at the same time, we should not forget that self-diagnosis, as well as self-treatment for a small organism, can be dangerous and cause a lot of damage. therefore do not immediately run to the pharmacy for anthelmintic drugs, but it is better to seek advice from a doctor after all. He will prescribe tests that will help determine whether the child is suffering for worms or not, and then he will prescribe the necessary course of treatment. But this fact is still considered unreasonable, and many scientists are inclined to believe that the reason for gnashing their teeth is rather a weathered emotional outburst, stress, or strong emotional agitation.

Gnash their teeth during sleep suffers most of the population of the whole earth. Therefore, taking into account the intensity and intensity of our life, gnashing of teeth is a consequence of the emotional excitement experienced during the day. There is another myth, which is not scientifically confirmed by any facts, as if gnashing our teeth during sleep was left to us by our ancestors, thus, they eroded their teeth. But, this is not worth believing, as it is unlikely.

The causes of bruxism

Description of the main causes of teeth grinding in sleepWhy children grit their teeth? Rattle in a dream is not only a concern to parents, he also harm new teeth, adversely affecting the state of tooth enamel and jaw joints. Given this fact, it’s simply impossible to ignore the gnash of a child. Unfortunately, to date, the true causes of this manifestation have not been established, and there are only assumptions. But despite this, it is possible to distinguish situations in which a child may begin to grit his teeth in a dream:

  1. Children's psyche is very easy to injure. The kid is so excited and emotional that any incident in his life causes a stressful situation. For example, the first day in the kindergarten, visited strangers, an accumulation of a large number of people, and uneasy relations with peers at school. Even a good incident can be stressful. therefore it is important to control the regime of the day of the childso that the baby has time to rest between the events in his life.
  2. Another reason why a child may grind his teeth is considered a sleep disorder that has a negative effect on the psyche of the child.If you notice that the child does not sleep well at night due to children's nightmares, and the daytime sleep with him is also not very long, then do not be surprised if he soon has bruxism.
  3. If a child suffers from a chronic disease, such as adenoids, then the development of this syndrome can also be assumed. By its nature, this disease (adenoids) develops gradually and has a pronounced negative effect on the entire body. According to the symptoms, it is determined by difficulty breathing through the nose, the child often begins to suffer from various colds, to snore in his sleep. The development of bruxism in adenoids as a percentage can be equated to 83%.
  4. If a child teethingthen he too can begin to grit his teeth at night. The small gums itch and even in a dream, he is actively moving his jaws, trying to make this period of his life easier for himself. In this case, if you notice the symptoms of bruxism, you can help the child and anoint his swollen gums special anesthetic gel. It can be purchased at any pharmacy.
  5. As a result of a bite disorder, the child may also begin to grit his teeth at night. In this case, it is better to immediately consult a dentist. In most cases, the bite anomaly is inherited. Violation of the bite in itself means the discrepancy between the upper and lower jaw when closing. To correct the problem, dentists usually put brackets on their teeth, and the sooner a violation was detected, the better.
  6. Few people know that bruxism is inherited. Especially boys are predisposed to it. Therefore, if you notice the symptoms of bruxism in your little hero, you can ask whether your family or your husband's parents did not hurt.

Bruxism treatment

How to get rid of teeth squeak in a dream

As soon as you have identified this disease in a child, immediately contact a doctor. First of all, to the dentist, so that he could assess the damage already done to the teeth and the growth of the jaw. Can I have some more contact a neurologistwho can professionally evaluate whether everything is in order with the child’s nervous system. After examination, a neurologist may order to drink some soothing herbs.

It is your duty as parents to follow the correct schedule of the child’s day Try protect the child from excessive emotional stress, especially in the afternoon, the last meal is desirable to occur a few hours before bedtime, preferably three to four hours. Scientists have long proved that listening to calm music before bed will help the body relax after a hard day. It may be worth trying to include it and the child if he is too active.

An orthodontist can recommend to protect the teeth. put on a special device for the night known as a mouth guard or tire. It should be noted that the caps recommended for bruxism are divided into two types: standard volume caps, they are also called trainer for bruxism and individual caps, they fit more closely to the teeth. Due to the fact that the cap is made from the cast of teeth, it can be worn during the day. It does not take up much space in the mouth, it is very securely installed and will not interfere with your child’s daily communication with friends.

Folk medicine against bruxism

If you turn to traditional medicine, there too you can find many ways of dealing with the gnashing of teeth in a child.

One of them is brewing herbal teas. The most common effect has tea brewed on chamomile. It can be added to the water during daily bathing of the child. Motherwort decoction also has a calming and relaxing effect. Its even recommended for parentswho have a child with increased excitability.

Herbs also have a soothing effect:

  • valerian;
  • mint;
  • Linden;
  • Melissa.

Let your child eat more hard vegetables.By themselves, fresh vegetables and fruits are a storehouse of vitamins that are so necessary for a growing body, and, of course, chewing on such products is an excellent massager for gums.