How many days does pain last after tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a very unpleasant procedure. An experienced doctor to perform such a procedure is not difficult. Sometimes for complete removal the patient has to make an incision. But even if such an intervention is carried out without any particular difficulties, then still the nerves and tissues are injured and pain occurs, which can last for several days. So how long does the pain last after tooth removal and how to treat this condition?

How many days does pain last after tooth extraction?

When a doctor removes a tooth, it is imperative injured soft tissue of the mouth. Usually, local anesthesia is used for such a procedure, and the patient may experience the only inconvenience - to keep his mouth open. After the tooth is pulled out, and the effect of anesthesia is over, then the pain of a whining character appears. Duration pain after tooth extraction depends on how successful the procedure was and how the healing process is going on, whether it is complicated by inflammation. This can happen for various reasons, for example, if:

  • hygiene standards were not followed;
  • there is no blood clot in the hole;
  • the instruments were not disinfected;
  • foreign bodies are present in the fossa, etc.
Blood clot in the hole after tooth extraction - photo

Type of blood clot in a tooth extraction hole

How many days does the pain last after tooth extraction? Usually it begins to decrease and completely passes in two to three days. If the pain syndrome after removal gains strength and after a few days becomes unbearable, then you should consult a doctor. And immediately it is worth doing with such symptoms as:

  • redness;
  • puffiness;
  • smack of pus in the mouth;
  • offensive odor;
  • prostration;
  • exhaustion.

Emerged inflammatory process after removal - a dangerous phenomenon, so it must be treated under the supervision of a physician. Such swelling by itself does not go away and should be removed only under the supervision of a dentist. Any delay in treatment becomes a serious cause of adverse effects.

Symptoms of complications

Complications after tooth extraction - inflammatory process

Complication after tooth extraction photo wells

Each patient is worried about how many days the pain usually lasts after a tooth is removed. As soon as the anesthesia is gone, tolerable pain occurs most oftenwhich lasts three days, until the wound heals, and the blood coagulates, acting as a protective barrier. This clot after some time turns into a mucous part. After that, the wound heals completely, and the pain subsides. In more severe cases, usually after the removal of a wisdom tooth, the pain syndrome lasts for seven and sometimes ten days. In this case important not to miss the onset of the progression of inflammation after removal. It should be alerted if swelling appeared, soreness began to grow, a fetid odor appeared from the oral cavity. The general state of health can greatly deteriorate.

How can you get rid of pain?

If a the injured gum hurts for several daysit only remains to wait. You can use the following painkillers:

  • Ketanov;
  • Nimesulide;
  • Baralgin;
  • Ketorol;
  • Analgin;
  • Spazmalgon.

If a there is no desire to take medicine from pain after tooth extraction, then you can use folk remedies.

  1. M - a powerful painkiller

    Ketanov tablets after tooth extraction

    Cold pack. It is effective immediately after the procedure, and then it becomes completely useless.To do this, moisten the towel in cold water and apply it to the cheek from the injured side. Instead of a towel, you can use a bottle of water, frozen meat, an ice cube. Thanks to the cold, the nerves are frozen and the pain is eliminated.
  2. Oral baths. For this procedure, use natural decoctions, for example, oak bark, chamomile, St. John's wort. In the mouth they take a little broth, hold for about a minute and spit out. Thanks to such antiseptic baths, inflammation is well removed, and the wounds heal very quickly.
  3. Gargles. In this case, a saline or soda solution is excellent, which rinse your mouth three days after tooth extraction. If the oral cavity starts to rinse earlier, then the risk of washing out the blood clot protecting the hole is high, which can provoke inflammation.

Usually, if the pain did not arise as a result of complications, then on the first day it is enough to apply a cold, and then periodically take a little anesthetic.

Oral care after tooth extraction

Dentists advise care for the injured gum as follows:

  • the tampon imposed by the doctor should be removed not earlier than after 30 minutes;
  • food should not be chewed by the side where the tooth was removed;
  • it is forbidden to touch the hole with the tongue, otherwise a blood clot can be disturbed, which will damage the wound sterility;
  • Mouth care after visiting the dentist

    Mouth care after tooth extraction

    chewing gum cannot be used;
  • It is forbidden to eat food that irritates the oral cavity;
  • you should not brush your teeth for three days after the manipulation, for this purpose it is better to use antiseptics-rinse;
  • doctors recommend taking painkillers with severe pain;
  • on the first day, it is enough to do cold compresses, and as often as possible, to relieve inflammation and reduce pain;
  • those who smoke should leave this bad habit for two days;
  • do not use a hot shower or bath;
  • if it is cold outside, it is advisable not to breathe through your mouth, otherwise the wound will be irritated by cold air.

So usually after tooth extraction The injured gum starts to hurt after three hours, and this pain can be constant or recurring. But every day it should decrease, and completely passes only on the third or fourth day. If the pain only increases, you should immediately visit a doctor.