Choosing a strong fixing extra denture cream

Protefix - fixing cream for denturesMore than half of people who wear removable dentures, their main problem of use indicate poor fixation, which is the cause of mobility during laughing, talking or eating food. For better reliability, the prosthesis in the oral cavity created several special tools (gels, adhesives, creams) for gluing the base of removable prostheses to the soft tissues of the alveolar process and palate.

For better fixation, creams are usually used. when wearing artificial limbs from acrylic plastic or nylon. Means are used for fixing and during the use of removable temporary structures. Qualitatively made removable byugelny designs, and also removable systems based on implants do not require additional fastening.

Fixation gels by its functions almost no different from creams, but they are different in consistency. The cream is more dense, for fixing dentures, it is better suited for people who use removable systems for the first time. The cream is difficult to apply an excessive amount, and the excess drug will not reliably secure the prosthesis. The best creams for fixing dentures, we consider below.

Rating of the best creams for fixing dentures

ROCS cream

Russian-Swiss preparation guarantees twelve-hour fixation of the denture, not weakening while consuming drinks or hot food. When distributed over the surface of the base, the design creates maximum tightness and preserves the soft tissues of the oral cavity from the penetration of food particles under the denture. The cream contains components based on mint and menthol, which refreshes the mouth and protects it from the formation of an unpleasant odor.

Main advantages:

  • ROCS cream for dentures - reliable fixationdoes not wash off;
  • does not contain zinc;
  • can be used for wet prostheses;
  • there are no artificial colors in the cream;
  • does not dissolve while eating hot food.


  • very thick, because the application is sometimes complicated;
  • relatively high cost.

Approximate price is 240-360 rubles.


High-quality cream, made by a German company. According to the manufacturers, during application creates a strong mount for at least 24 hours. A thin layer forms between the soft tissues and the prosthetic structure, which protects the oral cavity from mechanical injuries of the prosthesis edge, which makes it possible to quickly adapt to the removable structure, which is used for the first time. The drug contains aluminum lactate, a substance that has a good anti-inflammatory effect. Moreover, the cream, unlike many similar drugs, can be applied to the wet surface of the denture.

Main advantages:

  • Lakalut Dent - quality cream for denturesdue to the thin film, which is created during the application of the tool, protects soft tissues from rubbing;
  • pleasant smell and taste;
  • reliable fastening.


  • the mount is slightly weakened during the consumption of hot beverages and products (especially coffee and tea);
  • high price.

Approximate price is 280-420 rubles.

Cream Protefiks

Means of this manufacturer provide durable fasteners prosthetic design to the tissues of the oral cavity for a period of not less than 11-14 hours.There are three types of this drug: hypoallergenic cream, which, due to the absence of fragrances and dyes, creates a minimum of allergic reactions, as well as products, where the ingredients are aloe or mint.

Protefix cream can fix a denture for the whole day.Main advantages:

  • is odorless and tasteless;
  • increased fixing properties;
  • economical to use.


  • the vial must be stored in a vertical state and tightly closed, as the drug may leak out;
  • not very uncomfortable dispenser;
  • in the tube with the drug is a large percentage of the liquid.

Approximate cost is 290–410 rubles. (cream in tubes 24 grams. costs from 150 rubles.).

Fittident Cream

One of the best drugs for dental prosthetic structures, but during the use of Fittident, people with hypersensitivity of the gums feel a very strong tingling or burning sensation. To prevent this effect, you need to give the tool to dry on the prosthetic structure for about 25-35 seconds. With significant salivation, you can smear a greater amount of cream, then it will be removed with a dry napkin before solidification.

Main advantages:

  • Fittident cream - photo fixing cream for denturesstrengthens the prosthesis for a long time;
  • does not have a bright taste;
  • during removal of the prosthesis in the oral cavity there are no traces of cream.


  • quite difficult to find in pharmacies (only in online stores or in large cities);
  • need to be applied only on a dry denture;
  • has a very viscous texture.

Approximate cost is 190–260 rubles.

Cream President

After processing the prosthesis using this drug an elastic and dense layer appears below it, which does not allow pieces of food to fall under the bases. Sometimes the mount may loosen during the consumption of liquid hot food. The composition of the drug are petrolatum and flavors.

President garant cream - fix dentureMain advantages:

  • the volume of the tube is 10 ml more, unlike analogs;
  • excellent fixation;
  • affordable cost.


  • quite pronounced taste;
  • during the use of food fixation is weakened;
  • Approximate cost 180-240 rubles.

Korega cream

The composition of any of fixing creams of this manufacturer includes substances that do not cause allergies and do not have a negative impact on the human body when properly applied. But, anyway, you can not use the drug more than twice a day, and before using the new portion of the remnants of the old fixative composition should be thoroughly washed off.

Korega cream - a well-known option for fixing the jaw (denture)Main advantages:

  • can be used for wet dentures;
  • convenience and ease of use;
  • affordable cost.


  • the real duration of reliable fastening is no more than 4 hours;
  • quickly washed off with water;
  • ends quickly;
  • while eating food, a prosthesis falls out, as the cream dissolves and simultaneously enters the stomach;
  • after prolonged use, the mucous membrane swells;
  • has a rather wide neck of the tube, so it is very difficult to apply a small amount of the drug.

Approximate cost of 210-260 rubles.

Korega tablets

This means that contains active ingredientsused for disinfecting and cleaning dental removable systems. Means gives the chance to clean the food remains in difficult accessible sites in which mechanical cleaning is impossible.

With the condition of periodic use of this drug guaranteed extension of the life of orthopedic structures, as well as the preservation of their original tone.

KOREGA Dental White - Fixing TabletsMoreover, these tablets help reduce irritation of the oral mucosa during the use of a removable denture.

Before you start use Korega tablets, it is necessary to start cleaning the denture from food debris and plaque. After the design should be lowered into the solution with the drug (one cup of pure water is diluted with one tablet of this tool).

Reserve for cleansing dentures in solution for 20 minutes. If sterilization of the product is required, then leave the prosthesis in the composition for the night.After the procedure, the orthopedic construction is washed with running water and allowed to dry. The tool should not be used for the treatment of dentures directly in the mouth.

Approximate cost of 200-250 rubles.

How to choose the right cream?

Almost all drugs for fixing dentures have the same composition and properties, so when choosing a cream, you need to pay attention to the individual tolerance of the patient. Properly chosen cream is obliged to tightly fix the prosthesis, not allowing it to move while eating or talking, to protect the oral mucosa from pressure and rubbing the base of the prosthesis, not to allow food pieces to fall under the orthopedic design and not to create allergic reactions in a particular patient.

How to use the cream to fix the prosthesis?

Even more quality cream for dentures does not create a strong fixation if applied correctly. In order to properly apply the cream you need to strictly follow a number of rules:

  • The cream must be applied clearly on the lines indicated in the instructions, at the same time it is necessary to begin the application of the fixative composition with a small amount. An excessive amount of cream, which is applied on the basis of the prosthesis, may impair the strength of attachment.
  • Fixing cream for a denture - features of choiceThe prosthesis must be dry and clean - before applying the drug, it must be cleaned with a special agent or regular paste and wipe dry with a soft cloth.
  • Put on a removable denture tightly pressed to the alveolar process for not less than 30 seconds. When the prosthesis is fixed, it is undesirable to talk, drink and eat food for 12–17 minutes. Taking the structure from the oral cavity, it must be thoroughly cleaned from the remnants of fixing cream.
  • Before putting on the prosthesis, the gum must be rinsed and wiped with a soft cloth.
  • To use drugs can not be more than once a day, while its volume should not be more than the recommended. Otherwise, there is the possibility of the appearance of neurological pathologies, which are triggered by the consumption of excessive amounts of zinc, which is in the composition of fixing drugs.

The choice of cream for fixing dentures - the case of each person personally. But whatever drug you like, it is necessary that this tool in fact firmly fixed the product in the oral cavity, create a comfortable wearing of orthopedic structures, and also be perceived by the body without any side effects.