Fittident - a cream for fixing dentures: prices and reviews

Description of the drug preparation fittidentFrom television screens, on radio, in newspapers, people are constantly told that they need to protect their teeth. Dentists are asked not to forget about brushing your teeth 2 times a day and regular check-ups in the dental office. But whatever people do, they cannot protect themselves from tooth decay. With old age, most of their own teeth remain low.

According to statistics, most of the inhabitants of the planet sooner or later have to seek help from dentists. to restore the dentition. Prosthetic carriers are faced with a situation where there is very little information about how to properly wear a prosthesis and how to care for it. This article is an attempt to correct the situation.

The most accessible type of prosthetics is removable dentures. He has advantages and disadvantages. The main drawback is the impossibility of securely attaching a removable denture due to the lack of own teeth. He begins to rub the gums and hurts the wearer. In addition, the patient begins to feel that the prosthesis can fall out of his mouth at any time. This creates psychological discomfort.

How to solve this problem? The answer is obvious, securely fix removable dentures. This can be done with the help of special locking means: Fittident and Protefiks.


This fixative for dentures comes in the form of a cream. It differs from its analogs in the simplicity of its composition. It has only a few components, which nevertheless provide high efficiency. Numerous positive reviews are the best proof of its effectiveness.

Fittident has many advantages compared to other denture creams. It does not stick to the teeth, remains on the prosthesis and provides a secure fit. However, it does not give the food an unpleasant taste. Cream washed off very easily. I noticed an interesting feature: it holds the denture on the upper jaw longer than on the lower one. I have to brush my denture more abundantly for the lower jaw.

Vitaly, Pskov

Fittident be developed by Austrian pharmacists. The cream contains following components:

  1. Application cream fittidentPolyvinyl acetate. This is the main fixing tool. The substance demonstrates its properties only on a dry surface and is not soluble by water. In addition, polyvinyl acetate does not lose its function during a hot meal.
  2. Sodium carboxymethylcellulose. The role of this element is the absorption of saliva. In fact, it makes the cream more viscous and voluminous, due to which it fills everything with space between the prosthesis and the mucous membranes of the mouth. After saturation with saliva, carboxymethylcellulose ceases to fulfill its role, but this no longer plays a special role, since the prosthesis has already become wet and reliably held by suction.
  3. Ethanol. This is an auxiliary component of the cream, providing it with the necessary consistency. The concentration of ethanol alcohol is low, so it is safe for the human body.
  4. Petrolatum. This is a lubricating component. It protects the mucous membranes from rubbing the prosthesis.

According to numerous reviews, it is clear that despite the simplicity of the composition, Fittident surpasses most of its counterparts in efficiency.

For a long time he used Korega, but dentures rubbed his gums anyway and it seemed that they were about to fall out.The dentist at the next reception told me about Fittident and advised me to try. Before I bought the drug, I read reviews about it on the Internet, only after that I decided to replace it, and did not regret it. Now dental the prosthesis holds securely and does not rub the gums.

Andrey, Ekaterinburg


The cream should be used if the patient marks the mobility of the prosthesis. This preparation will provide a reliable fixation of the structure, solving the problem of unreliable clamp fixing.

The tool can also be recommended to those patients who notice that while eating food particles fall under the prosthesis. The drug will eliminate any gaps in just 15 minutes after application.


As mentioned above, in the cream there are only 2 main and 2 auxiliary components.. For this reason he has only 2 contraindications:

  1. Allergy to the components of the drug. It manifests itself in the form of pruritus and rash.
  2. Increased sensitivity of the gums to the components of the tool. Manifested in the form of their swelling, redness and burning sensation in the zone of contact with the cream.

Both contraindications require immediate rejection of the cream.

Side effects

You can find reviews in which patients indicate that it is impossible to remove the prosthesis after using the cream.

How to use the cream fitterWas forced to put a removable denture. From the first day he gave me anxiety: rubbed, strove to fall out during a conversation. So I decided to find a way to deal with the problem. On the Internet, I found information about Fittident cream. I read reviews about it and decided to buy. Not to put it in words how glad I was that the prosthesis didn't bother anymore, and how much I was scared when I could not take it off in the evening. As a result, began to use another cream. Let it fixes worse, but the prosthesis is well removed.

Maria, Stavropol

Most likely, the woman herself is to blame for not being able to remove the prosthesis. In the morning she applied too much cream, and he did not have time to be completely saturated with moisture during the day and in the evening continued to fix the prosthesis as much as possible.

In such a situation, you just need to go to bed with a prosthesis: for the night, the carboxymethyl cellulose will completely fill with saliva and in the morning it will easily come off.

In order not to encounter a similar side effect, you need to precisely dose the drug.

Do not try to forcefully remove the prosthesis if it is not removed. This can lead to injury to the mucous membranes of the mouth.

Cost of

Prices for fixing cream Fittident in all pharmacy chains are at about the same level. The difference in cost is no more than 10 rubles.

On average, the price for a 20 gram cream tube is at the level of 180 rubles. It is recommended to buy it for the sample. In that case, if the cream is suitable, then you can already buy a tube with a volume of 40 grams and an average price of 250 rubles.


Like Fittident, Protefix is ​​a water-based cream. That is, the basis of fixation of the prosthesis to the gum is the ability of the drug to absorb moisture. Due to the special structure of the cream can penetrate into any slits and voids. The patient feels that the prosthesis and jaw have become one.

Protefix is ​​recommended for patients with high and medium salivation. The drug is not washed off with water and saliva. Does not decompose under the influence of high temperatures and cold.

This The cream is available in 3 versions:

  • Extraordinary
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • With aloe vera.

This fixing cream does not contain fragrances and dyes, so it almost never causes allergies. Its effectiveness and safety is confirmed by numerous reviews.

My grandmother recently made soft dentures. Without fixing cream, they could not be used normally, so we purchased several creams. Best of all showed Protefiks. It has a neutral taste and smell. He has the best value for money. Grandma is very pretty.

Alina, Kazan

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the Protefix cream include:

  • Pluses cream fittidentLong fixation.
  • Lack of smell and taste.
  • Ability to use with excessive salivation.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Ease of use.
  • Economical consumption
  • Resistance to temperature extremes.

Protefix cream has few minuses:

  • The possibility of manifestations of irritation of the gums.
  • Effect on the gastric mucosa.

Cost of

In pharmacy chains, Protefix cream can be purchased at an average price of 150 rubles for a trial tube volume of 24 grams. The average price of a 47-gram tube is at the level of 300 rubles. If the price seems high, you can always buy cheaper analogues of Protefix cream.