Korega cream for fixing dentures: instructions, reviews

Rules for the use of cream koregiMany people, especially the elderly, use removable dentures. In everyday life, they deliver a lot of inconvenience. One of the problems is the mobility of dentures. At such moments, people feel insecure, feel discomfort. To give more reliability to removable dentures, various means were invented, and one of them - Korega cream. What is this tool, how to use it and what about him reviews?

Composition and pharmacological action of Korega

Fixing dentures depends on the quality of the product and the skill of the dentist. The design should fit snugly to the soft tissues of the oral cavity after fixation and if there are large gaps, it won't be able to hold well. Most people after installing dentures complain that they cannot normally:

  • chew,
  • laugh;
  • speak.

Manufacturers of dental products have developed several types of different products designed for dentures:

  • gels,
  • creams;
  • adhesives.

They allow you to glue a removable design to the soft tissues of the sky. One of the most popular products is Korega cream. It is produced by a well-known German company, which also produces other dental prosthesis care products. They all differ in their features and properties. There are three types of cream for fixing dentures:

  • "Neutral taste";
  • "Extra mint";
  • "Refreshing taste."

The composition of the fixing tools Korega The following components are included:

  • The composition of the cream to fixsalt gantrez, due to which the fixation is enhanced;
  • gum arabic is a natural resin that complements the adhesive properties of salt;
  • dyes - give a natural shade, it blends well with the gums;
  • mineral oils - give a means of elasticity, due to which evenly and efficiently distributed for fixing;
  • extract of mint or menthol - one of them is contained, depending on the type of agent;
  • liquid paraffin, petrolatum and various flavors are included as additional components.

With the usual use of a dental prosthesis, free space remains, and Korega cream fills it when applied. He is secure fixes removable design on the gums. When it fills the free space between the gums and the prosthesis, the food does not get there. This removes the problem of gum damage. While using the cream, many patients note in their reviews that they have less irritation and other discomfort compared to other means.

Instructions for use

Korega cream is a medical device, so when using it follow the rules and recommendations. The instruction consists of two parts - application and removal of the prosthesis. To fix the removable design, you must:

  • What do the patients say about the bark cream?apply a means of short and intermittent stripes on a dry and clean denture, but not bring it to the edge of the denture, the distance between the strips will depend on the consistency of the cream;
  • rinse mouth well before applying;
  • insert the prosthesis in the right place and squeeze the jaw tightly for 5-10 seconds;
  • If excess funds remain, they should be removed with a clean, dry cloth.

To remove the prosthesis after applying Koreg:

  • rinse the mouth with clean water at room temperature;
  • with soft and cautious movements, gradually swaying the prosthesis to unstick it and take it out;
  • Treat the surface of the removable denture with the help of a soft toothbrush, aids and warm water.

Korega cream is recommended to use no more than 1 time per day. Immediately after applying you can not eat or drink for 15-20 minutes. A tube of glue should always be tightly closed after use, because its composition dries quickly. When using for the first time it is better to apply a small amount of glue. This will help determine the amount of funds for subsequent use. If from under the prosthesis stand out excess cream, then it was applied in excess.

Contraindications and side effects

Cream application rulesAccording to reviews of people who use Korega cream, it does not cause side effects. In some patients, in rare cases, there is increased salivation. May also be nausea or bad taste. An allergic reaction is extremely rare.

There are no contraindications for fixing glue. It can not be used only when taking food supplements with zinc. Pregnant women or nursing mothers are allowed to use this tool. It can be used with other drugs. Contraindications should include individual intolerance to the components that make up Koreg.

Price and analogues Korega

Often when choosing the right tool, a lot decides the price of the product. On average, the price of Korega cream is about 200 rubles. This is an affordable price compared to its counterparts.

There are also other tools on the market, for example, Lakalut, Protefiks, ROKS, Fittident, President. Each of them has its own characteristics and differences. Gels for fixing Lakalut, ROX and Protefix cream will cost more. Their price starts from 250 rubles.

Reviews after application

Those who still doubt the purchase of Koreg cream should read the reviews of people. They are not the first day to use this tool, have an opinion about it.

After the accident, she was left without teeth and was forced to put dentures. I tried many means for fixing and almost all were ineffective. I bought Korega and I have been using it for almost a year. The main thing is to do everything right according to the instructions, then the dentures hold up well.

Evgenia, Moscow

On the advice of a dentist, I purchased Koreg Cream and have been using it for quite some time. I like him, the tool does not fail. It must be properly selected, because the tool is of several types. If you choose the wrong one, then discomfort and discomfort may appear. There is a cream with a stronger fixation.

Valentina, Kharkov

Many have problems with dentures. I heard an advertisement on television about the tool of Korea, read the reviews and decided to buy. He does not fail me, you only need to apply the required amount of cream and that the prosthesis is dry. Keeps well during the day, I chew food normally.

Alexander, Samara