Corega: a denture fixation cream and its price

When applying cream is contraindicatedTool for fixing the brand Korega - this is a great solution for people who wear dentures. It has the form of a cream and pills and differs in affordable price for everyone.

Reliability of fixation of the prosthesis depends on the quality of the material used. If there is a small gap between the prosthesis and the gum, then the fixation will be good. However, often careless movement can provoke problems in this regard, so doctors can recommend funds for additional fixation. One of these is Korega for dentures. The cream is used to directly fix the structure, and tablets - for cleaning.

When can I use Korega cream?

Applying the cream of koregiThe tool for dental structures of this brand is German development. It is a unique tool that provides reliable fixation of dental removable structures.

Best of all Korega cream is suitable for nylon-based dentures. In terms of material, they repeat the appearance of real teeth, as well as the shape and design of the gums. However, their method of attachment does not guarantee that they will hold. Such dentures are equipped with suckers or strips, on which the cream itself should be applied.

Plastic prostheses can also be fixed with Korega cream. There are no auxiliary elements for fastening in them, and the means for fixing dentures should be applied directly onto the structure itself.

Advantages of Korega cream

If you wear dentures, then the daily use of Korega has the following advantages:

  • Miracle cream koregareliable fixation of prostheses in the oral cavity is ensured for the whole day;
  • acts as a preventive agent against rubbing the gums and atrophy of the jaw bone tissue;
  • Korega cream should be applied no more than once a day;
  • does not allow food residues to fall under the prosthesis;
  • reduces the risk of gum disease;
  • reasonable price of cream and pills, and one package will be enough for about three weeks, subject to regular use;
  • convenient box allows you to gently apply the tool to the denture.

Terms of use cream Koregi

Thanks to the use of Korega cream for fixing dentures you get maximum grip, but you need to follow these rules for its use:

  • Cream should be applied only on a clean and dry denture. For cleaning, you can use special tablets brand Korega, which can also be purchased at an affordable price;
  • Korega cream is distributed through the dispenser pointwise into the cavity of the prosthesis once a day;
  • rinse your mouth with water before installing the prosthesis;
  • after inserting the denture into the oral cavity, press the jaws for a few seconds;
  • remove the rest of the cream with a napkin, which you must first dip in the oil;
  • after using Korega cream, the tube is tightly closed;
  • the tube cover after use must not be washed and used with wet hands;
  • keep Korega cream closed, be sure to throw it away at the end of its shelf life.

Classification creams for dentures

Korega creamThe manufacturer of denture fixation tools, Korega, took into account all the requirements of customers, therefore he created three series of creamswhich, despite their differences, help to ensure reliable coupling of dental structures for the longest possible period:

  • neutral cream;
  • extra strong;
  • refreshing

Korega Neutral Cream does not include special additives and it does not change the taste of the food you consume. A characteristic feature of the facility is no zinc in the composition, which provides high-quality fixation of prostheses, instead of it use gum arabic - a special resin of natural origin.

Extra strong cream Korega

Extra strong includes components such as:

  • silicon;
  • a number of dyes;
  • gum;
  • flavors;
  • liquid paraffin;
  • petrolatum;
  • salt of acid origin;
  • menthol;
  • Mentila lactate.

Also in the cream present and gum arabicproviding maximum adhesion of the denture to the gum. The active ingredients in this tool have a double concentration, so that the prosthesis will be permanently fixed and secure. At the same time, the degree of fixation will not affect the person’s well-being and will not cause discomfort.

In this composition, the Korega has a pleasant elasticity due to the presence of mineral oils. This allows you to distribute the composition evenly over the surface and close all existing gaps. Dyes can mimic the color of the gums - pale pink. If the fixing cream is applied carelessly, it will be strongly visible.

Cream with a refreshing effect

How to apply the creamThis type of Korega cream is suitable for patients. sensitive. Its use is completely safe, because it does not contain zinc. This is especially important for those taking zinc-based nutritional supplements. If this element were also in the means for fixing prostheses, then its concentration over time could provoke a deterioration in the general condition of the person.

In addition, if the human body is fed up with certain elements, it can cause symptoms such as:

  • numbness;
  • shiver.

Therefore, manufacturers of Korega cream for fixing prostheses concluded to produce a product with and without zinc, especially if the patient takes additional mineral and food additives.

If the cream is applied correctly and strictly adhere to the instructions, then zinc will not enter the body, and will not accumulate there. It is provided in such a way that what is present in it does not enter the lymph. And getting into the body of harmful components due to the fact that a person accidentally swallows the cream.

Depending on the choice of cream, it may include ingredients to impart a particular odor and taste, most often this menthol or mint components. Functional features do not depend on it in any way, it also practically does not affect the price of the product.

The presence of contraindications Korega

Koren Cream Gel is completely safe and non-toxic. With it, fix dentures. But you need to use this tool strictly by appointment of a specialist. Accidental ingestion is acceptable, but only in small quantities.

The only contraindication to the use of Korei is the individual intolerance of the patients of the components of the remedy. This mainly concerns allergies. Manifestations of intolerance can be:

  • nausea;
  • profuse salivation;
  • change in taste.

In case of such symptoms, the prosthesis should be immediately removed, and rinse the mouthby removing from it the remnants of the cream.

And if such symptoms appear very often, then do not pull with a hike to a specialist. Sometimes the patient may not be aware of the fact that he has an intolerance to one or another component.

Why do you need Koreg tablets?

In addition to the cream, the manufacturer additionally produces special tablets for dentures. The composition of such tablets includes active ingredients that have the following effects:

  • good cleansing;
  • disinfect the prosthesis;
  • have a deodorizing effect.

Dentures will last you as long as possible if you will to care for them, and also to apply tablets of Korega. The tablets are based on a special formula that helps eliminate food residues in hard-to-reach places that cannot be cleaned only with a toothbrush.

If you use tablets on an ongoing basis, you can remove complex types of contamination from the surface of the denture, such as after drinking coffee or tobacco products. Tablets Korega also has an antiseptic and disinfectant effect. And if you put them in the solution for 8 hours, then you can sterilize dentures with it.

Thanks to the constant use of tablets, you will not only increase the lifespan of the prostheses, but also keep their shade as long as possible. In addition, Korega in this form reduce gum inflammation and irritation and the oral mucosa, which are characteristic of wearing dentures.

Before using Korega in the form of tablets for cleaning dentures, you must first clean them well of food debris with a toothbrush. Then the prosthesis is immersed in a fresh Koregy solution. For this you will need a glass of water and one tablet of Korega. The denture should be kept in the solution for about 10-15 minutes; if disinfection of the structure is required, it can be left there overnight.

After the denture has been in solution, it is removed from there and washed well with water for several minutes. Then it is dried with a paper towel. The drug can not be used for the treatment of dental structures in the oral cavity.

Features of reception and price

So that you use Korega cream without problems, consider such nuances:

  • if after using the cream you have strange sensations or symptoms, then discontinue use and consult a doctor;
  • cream should be kept out of reach of children at room temperature;
  • Before the first reception, read the instructions;
  • use the tool only after consulting a specialist;
  • the tip and cap of the tube should always be dry;
  • Remember that fixation can be loosened due to hot food and drinks.

The price of the drug depends on its dosage. So, 40 ml tube costs about 250 rubles, and for 70 ml - about 350 rubles, respectively.

As you can see, the tool for fixing Koreg’s structures is quite effective and has an affordable price. If you wear dental structures, you will certainly appreciate the high degree of fixation of this cream.