Ultranira what it is: the price for 1 tooth

Price ultralinesMicroprosthetics in aesthetic dentistry is rapidly gaining popularity. This is due to the desire of patients to have a beautiful smile. Microprosthetics can fully satisfy this request through the use of ultra-thinnest ceramic plates. This is an analogue of Lumineers.

general information

Ultranirs are unique products, allowing to eliminate the majority of defects of a tooth row. At their core, they are a more refined copy of the Lumineers. They are also mounted on the dentition in the "smile zone" and allow you to correct the appearance of each tooth individually.

Ultran features:

  • Solidity, high strength and ten years of service.
  • Mount only on the front teeth.
  • 0.3 mm thickness


In recent years, orthopedists have increasingly recommended that patients use lining on the teeth. This is due to the high efficiency of microprosthetics. In addition, ultranira offer the following benefits:

  • The cost of ultranirovProtect your teeth from irritants. Owners of sensitive teeth will appreciate this.
  • The possibility of correcting defects in the shape of individual teeth in the dentition.
  • Removing interdental crevices.
  • Reliability. Cracks on the plates are very rare and they appear only if the patient does not follow the recommendations.
  • Perfect color matching. Unlike Lumineers, ultraniers are generally not distinguished on the teeth, so you can limit yourself to the restoration of just one tooth. When using lumineers, you have to restore the entire smile zone.
  • Great appearance and excellent durability.
  • Short installation time. Ultraniry put in just 2 visits to the dentist.
  • Each ultrawire is made separately.
  • Fixing ceramic plates does not cause discomfort.
  • The patient gets used to ultraniers in just a few days.
  • At any time, ultranira can be removed. To do this, just go to the dentist.
  • Prices for ultraniruses are a third less than for lumineers.


It would be wrong to say that ultraniers are the perfect solution. They, like any product, have flaws. True, these thinnest records just two drawbacks. More precisely, the nuance, which the patient must necessarily warn the doctor.

  1. Ultraniry can not be used to eliminate significant defects of the teeth. Large chipped, significant abrasion of tooth enamel, tooth curvature: all this ultraniry not fix.
  2. Lining can be damaged by improper care of them, as well as due to a number of bad habits.

Differences between Lumineers and Ultraniers

By and large, only dentists know about the difference between two types of ceramic plates. Both types of veneers are used to eliminate the defects of the front teeth. Potential patients will benefit from knowing the difference between them.


They are also known as "Hollywood Veneers". The name clung to the plates due to the fact that this technology was first used in Hollywood. Lumineers are manufactured in the United States in the depths of the Cerinate laboratory, which holds a patent for their production. In our country, domestic specialists are involved in the casting and installation of lumineers, but the records are made by professionals from the United States. For this reason, prices for Lumineers are quite high.


How to install ultraniersThese ceramic plates are also used for aesthetic correction of the dentition, but only in the smile area. The thickness of one plate does not exceed 0.3 mm. The main feature of the ultra-innings is that they do not need to be sent to the USA for their production. Actually, because of this, ultranier prices are lower than lumineers. For the manufacture of plates used ceramics IPS E.MAX.

What to focus on when choosing lumineers or ultra lines? First of all, on the number of teeth that require correction. If needed fix 1 - 2 teeththen ultraniers will be the best choice. When you want to adjust the aesthetics of the entire dentition, it is better to use lumineers.

Indications and contraindications for the installation of ultranirov

This type of thinnest ceramic lining should be installed with the following problems:

  • Enamel has colored spots or darkened. Moreover, it is impossible to eliminate this defect with the help of bleaching systems.
  • Interdental crevices and diastema.
  • Strong erasing of enamel, its cracks, small chips.
  • Slight tooth curvature in the dentition.

Sure to consult a dentist. The specialist will tell you exactly what to do. It may be possible to correct the problem without the use of overlays, or orthodontic treatment will precede their installation.

Microprafting with ultraniers is not recommended in the following cases:

  • The patient has serious dental diseases.
  • There is chronic inflammation of the gums.
  • There are bite defects.
  • There are periodontal pathologies.
  • Poor condition of the oral cavity with non-compliance with the rules of hygiene. The same tartar and plaque will be the reason for the failure in the installation of ultra-rifles. But failure will be temporary. After removing the obstacles lining can be put.

Installation stages of the ultra-inline

Installation technology consists of three main stages:

  1. At the first admission, the dentist assesses the scope of work and finds out from the patient what result he wants to receive. Then determined the possibility of installing ultra-thin veneers.
  2. If no contraindications are found, then the doctor makes an impression of the dentition. The latter is sent to the laboratory, where ultranirs are made on its basis.
  3. The second visit to the dentist coincides with the time of the lining. This is the third stage at which a specialist carries out the installation of ceramic pads on the target teeth.

During installation no anesthesia needed. Ultraniry are attached to the glue and do not cause discomfort. Due to the fact that the monolithic plates are made to order, they have the perfect "fit" on the teeth.

During the first visit, the patient should be frank with the dentist. You can not hide the presence of hidden chronic diseases of the teeth, as this may lead to further complications: the development of caries under the plates, inflammation of the gums, the appearance of periodontal pockets.

Ultranirs require careful treatment. After their installation will have to abandon products such as: hard nuts, crackers, seeds. Otherwise, the ceramic plates may crack. In general, it is advisable not to give teeth with ultranier serious load.

Cost of

All readers are interested in specific prices for 1 tooth. The exact price can not be named, since it will differ depending on the status of the clinic, the region and the city where ultranirs will be installed. The cost of such linings is higher than that of veneers. At the same time, lower than the linminers. On average, you will have to pay for 1 tooth pad 19 000 rubles. If prices are significantly below this level, then you should treat such proposals with caution. The fact is that low prices can be a sign of poor quality material or insufficient specialist experience.