Lumineers: how luminiring is done, the price of a micro-prosthesis for one tooth

Features luminating teethWhat is the main danger of various methods of teeth whitening? At risk of damage to tooth enamel. Is it possible to avoid these risks? Can. To do this, use lumineers. Today they are considered the best means of returning aesthetic beauty to teeth. And we are talking not only about color, but also about form. In our country, dentists from Moscow were the first to use these plates for aesthetic correction of the dentition.

What is lumineers on teeth

Description of lumineers for teethLumineers is one of the varieties of veneers, with a thickness of not more than 0.3 mm. They are made from dental ceramics with a special composition that can withstand heavy loads and maintain integrity for a long time. Despite the fact that Lumineers' plates look weightless and very fragile, they can give odds to classic veneers for durability.

The cost of lumineers is much higher than the cost of veneers, but the price is quite reasonable. Their ultrathin allows do not dissect teeth before installation. Enough conventional cleaning of tooth enamel and applying to it a special composition that enhances the adhesion of lumineer with ceramics.

If veneers are put forever, then lumineers can be removed if desired. In this procedure, tooth enamel does not receive any harm.

For the installation of plates almost no contraindications. Is that badly damaged enamel and strong weakened teeth. In addition, dentists are discouraged from luminating, if the patient has a broken bite or abnormal abrasion of the teeth.

In appearance, lumineers cannot be distinguished from natural enamel. The surface of the plates perfectly recreates the micro-relief of tooth enamel. Glitter, the ability to transmit light, color: everything is completely repeats tooth enamel. Add to this the possibility of selecting the color tone of the plates for each patient individually, and you will see that the high cost is fully justified.

Technicians, manufacturing Lumineers, have the ability to adjust the transparency of the material in the range from 0 to 100%. That is, if necessary, you can fully preserve the original color of the tooth enamel or hide it.

That is, even if only one tooth is restored, then, thanks to the lumineer, it will not stand out in the dentition. And if the plates are installed on several teeth, this will not make the patient's smile “plastic.”

Advantages of Lumineers

Of course, the price of restoration plates scares many patients, because it is higher than other methods of restoration. So, why do people still spend a lot of money on Lumineers? It's all about their obvious advantages:

  • The list of advantages LumineersPlates are made using special modeling techniques. This means that the ceramic lining will be ideal for the teeth, not only in color but also in shape.
  • Lumineers have a perfect look. And this is not an exaggeration. After their installation, the teeth become perfect in shape and whiteness.
  • The thinnest ceramic lining is easy to install. You do not need to sharpen your teeth and wear special orthopedic designs.
  • Lumineers throughout the entire period of use retain their original shape and color.
  • Their production takes very little time.It does not matter if the patient restores one tooth or the entire tooth row, he will only need to visit the dentist twice.
  • The procedure of ceramic linings is completely painless.
  • Lumineers are not rejected by the body and do not harm the tissues of the mouth.
  • Their wearing is not associated with any unpleasant sensations.
  • They do not increase the size of the teeth and do not lead to their weighting.
  • Luminira serve as a kind of protection against caries.
  • Ceramic lining does not lead to increased sensitivity of teeth.
  • The service life of ceramic plates is 20 years.

These are non-empty words. They are confirmed by numerous studies and patient reviews.

When it is recommended to install Lumineers

Description of reasons for luminating teethThe patient has gaps between teeth. It is possible to correct this defect with the help of orthodontics, but this takes considerable time and the wearing of special devices such as braces. If the defect needs to be fixed urgently, then Lumineers are the best way out. And here the price for a plate for one tooth does not seem so high, because the desired excellent result can be obtained in just two visits to the dentist.

Darkening of the tooth enamel. Especially clearly enamel changes its color during caries and fluorosis. Again, it is possible to cope with colored stains on the teeth with the help of modern whitening systems that have long proved their high efficiency, but this also takes a long time.

In one pass, no whitening system can make your teeth snow white. Luminiram is quite capable. And again, the price for a ceramic overlay for one tooth ceases to seem very large, considering that the snow-white smile will stay with the patient for decades.

Curved Dentition. In the case when you need to quickly align your teeth, ceramic lining will be a real salvation. They allow you to align as one tooth, and the entire series, not only in the horizontal but also in the vertical plane.

This effect is achieved by increasing the length or width of the lumineer. As a result, it is possible to achieve correction of the dentition with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. When everything needs to be done as soon as possible, the price for a pad for one tooth no longer seems transcendental.

Cracked and chipped tooth enamel. These defects not only spoil the aesthetic perception of a smile, but are the gate for the development of caries. Lumineers in this case act as a more durable and reliable replacement of standard seals.

How do luminirring

Description of the procedure of luminating teethIn their mechanics, lumining is very similar to the restoration of teeth using veneers, however, there are some very important differences. In particular, lumineers are installed completely painless, due to the fact that the patient does not sharpen his teeth.

The finest ceramic linings are made by a special technology that came to us from America. This technology is patented, so the plates are made in laboratory conditions in the USAand then return to Moscow or any other city where they will be installed.

Lumineers are installed in several stages, each of which affects the cost of the plates:

  1. Teeth are being prepared for lumining. Their surface is cleaned, if necessary, dentists treat caries, polish the surface of the tooth.
  2. A silicone cast is taken from each jaw. Additionally, the teeth are scanned. The dentist selects the color of the future ceramic plates and models their shape in a special computer program.
  3. The resulting computer mockup, snapshots, and scan data are sent to the USA, where the necessary linings are prepared on their basis. If the plates require manual adjustment, then such work will be included in the final cost of microprostheses.
  4. Ready lining try and fix. By this stage, the patient already knows how much one microprosthesis costs and must pay the cost of all lumineers. The dentist tries on the plates and makes sure that they fit perfectly to the teeth.
  5. If there are no deviations, then Lumineers are glued to the enamel with the help of a special glue, which is not afraid of food acids.

It is no secret that Moscow is an advanced city in the field of application of the latest dental technology. Actually, for this reason, the most trained and experienced specialists in the installation of lumineers work here.

If the patient fears that dentists in his city will not cope with the installation of microprostheses, then he may well go to Moscow. But here when choosing specialists it is recommended to rely on reviews patients.

How much is luminirring

Lumining cost and factors affecting itSince this type of restoration of the appearance of the teeth is at the leading position in dentistry, the prices for lumining quite high. But here you need to understand that the cost of lumineers is not determined at all by the desire of dentists to get rich.

Making ceramic plates occurs in another country. US patent holders determine the prices for the lumineers themselves separately for each specific case. The final cost affects scope of work and their complexity.

Is it expensive? If we consider that each micro prosthesis is unique in its design, has a unique appearance, is very strong and durable, it is quite inexpensive. The finest ceramic plates allow you to completely mask any flaws on the surface of the teeth and make the dentition perfect.

There is no alternative to this technology in dentistry! Having paid once, the patient forgets about problems with the appearance of teeth for at least 20 years. And now there are some exact figures that will help to understand even better how the price of lumming is formed:

  • In most dental clinics specialist consultation will cost 700 rubles. In some clinics, consultation is free, but this is the exception rather than the rule.
  • The installation of microprostheses is impossible without a good diagnosis. It will definitely need a radiograph. It costs an average of 500 rubles.
  • If the dentist finds dental disease, then before installing the lumineers, the teeth will need to be treated. Depending on the complexity of the disease and the selected materials for the treatment of one tooth will have to pay from 1,200 to 1,500 rubles.
  • Immediately before installing microprostheses, professional oral hygiene will be required. Professional cleaning cannot be avoided, and this procedure, depending on the status of the clinic, will cost from 5,000 to 9,500 rubles.
  • Computer modeling is also not cheap. So that the patient can see what his smile will look like after installing the lumineers, he will have to pay about 5,000 rubles for a computer layout.
  • Direct installation of microprostheses also has a certain price. The dentist himself determines the value of his work.
  • Finally, the cost of the records themselves. Depending on the composition of the material and the complexity of the design, one lumineer can cost from 20,000 to 25,000 rubles.

How to choose a clinic and patient reviews

Nuances of choosing a clinic for luminingFirst you need to take into account the region where the patient is going to do luminirring. It is no secret that in Moscow the cost of the procedure will be higher than on the periphery, but the quality in the capital is better. And it would also be useful to decide on a specific dental center.

There are several dozens of them openly in each city, which complicates the selection a little. Here you should not believe trust advertising. Much more important reviews from other patientswho have gone through the luminating procedure in a particular clinic. Reviews will help to learn about the quality of the work of specialists of a particular clinic.

I had large gaps between the teeth, but for a long time I did not dare to do luminirring - the price was confusing. Finally, she decided and did not regret it at all. Lumineers completely solved my problem. Now I smile boldly and I have new friends.

Yuliya. Moscow

I was always embarrassed by the color of my teeth - they seemed dark to me.Because of this, I regularly used the service of professional tooth cleaning, but did not get the desired result. As a result, I decided to do chemical teeth whitening, but the dentist dissuaded me. Alternatively, the doctor suggested to put Lumineers. I agreed and did not regret. Yes, the pleasure is expensive, but now my teeth are perfect.

Anna. St. Petersburg

I had uneven teeth since childhood. Because of them, I didn’t smile much and didn’t communicate well with people. It was possible to fix the teeth with the help of braces, but it takes a lot of time. In the end, I decided on Lumineers and was able to get rid of the old complexes.

Now it doesn’t seem to me that people, when they meet, pay attention to my crooked teeth, because the dentition has become even. I no longer get scared of people's views, I smile more often and I like the attention.

Irina. Krasnodar city