Which teeth crowns are the best: properties of structures, reviews and prices

Characteristic description of tooth crownsA dental crown is able to restore an almost completely destroyed tooth even in the most hopeless case. With its installation, it will have the same form and function, as well as reliable protection against caries.

Today, modern dentistry offers reliable and aesthetic orthopedic structures that meet the requirements of the most demanding patients. In our review we will talk about what dental crowns are, what they are and how much they cost.

Dental crown: what is it

Description of the properties of dental crownsIt is a denture that cannot be removed. It has the form of a single element, similar to a cap, which is made in a dental laboratory in the molds, after which it is attached to the tooth. So, replaced the visible part of the toothand in a situation where it is seriously damaged, missing or has an unaesthetic appearance.

Crowns are needed to fix a bridge or byugel prosthesis on the abutment teeth, which are often healthy. You can put the crown both on the damaged natural tooth, and in the situation of its absence - on the implant.

"Crown" tooth usually in case of destruction its upper part is more than 70%. As a rule, we are no longer talking about sealing, nor about microprosthetics with the insert, since this does not provide an optimal redistribution of the chewing load.

Improper pressure on the tooth will further lead to its split, after which it will have to be removed. On this basis, it is necessary to choose between filling, insertion and installation of the crown, taking into account the recommendations of the doctor.

Mounting dental structures

Installation of the crown on the tooth occurs in several stages:

  1. Stages of installation crowns on the teethDentist visually conducts an examination of the tooth.
  2. Directs on x-ray to take a picture.
  3. Conducts treatment. As a rule, it consists in removing the nerve and filling the canals.
  4. If the situation is such that it requires turning of healthy teeth to fix the bridge, then the doctor decides on the depulpation of the tooth.

However, everything is very individual. Most dentists do not take the risk and simply remove the nerve. If the tooth tissue is slightly destroyed, then walls grind. Sometimes the natural crown of the tooth is completely absent; then a dental insert is inserted which ensures good fixation.

Previously, the tab was not used, instead of it a pin was installed, a crown on the pin in our time considered obsolete. Because it has a number of complications, resulting in the loss of a tooth.

After all the necessary manipulations on the preparation of the patient take pictures, after which they are sent to the dental laboratory. Then the fitting of the finished structure and installation is carried out.

With what help dental crowns hold on? Orthopedic products are fixed thanks to special cementit holds the denture in the mouth for a long time and reliably.

How long does it take to install the crown on the tooth? All the necessary steps to install the crown on the tooth can not be carried out at a time. It is quite possible to make a prosthesis in a few hours if the dental clinic is equipped with the necessary equipment.

Types of dental constructions

Types and features of dental crownsModern dentistry has a variety of dental crowns. They are classified by production material: metal; metal-ceramic and all-ceramic.

Prostheses are selected based on clinical indications, the wishes of the patient and the price. Metal implants appeared the very first and still have not lost their popularity. They are made of various alloys: titanium, steel (stainless or chrome-cobalt).

Apply also gold and platinum. Dental crowns can be made entirely of expensive metals or only with sputtering. With the installation of metal structures, the patient fully restores the chewing function of the tooth, however, such implants do not look the most aesthetic.

The price of the metal crown is considered one of the most budget. Crowns of gold were at the peak of popularity 20 years ago. Nowadays, the teeth of this precious metal is not a tribute to fashion, but, most likely, kitsch and in the outback, gold crowns are still in demand.

As is known, gold and medical alloy at its base belongs to the safest for the body to metals, that’s why it is recommended as a material for earrings after piercing the ears.

But still in the mouth gold does not look as good as in the ears. However, the metal crowns cope quite well with the chewing function, therefore they have their place in the segment of dental services.

Metal-ceramic constructions

Characteristics of metal-ceramic crowns for teethMetal-ceramic are a medium variant combining reliability and a rather natural aesthetic appearance. Teeth crowns made from this material consist of two parts: the inside is made of metal, the outside is ceramic.

This design has a lot of advantages, but in the case of decreasing gums (even insignificant), the metal rim becomes visible. This low-aesthetic problem is removed if, instead of traditional alloys, zirconium dioxidewhich is white in color.

Ceramic products

Description of the quality of ceramic crowns for teethSuch designs have the most pleasant appearance, but they are expensive. The material allows you to perform designs with the same shade of naturalness, as laid down by natural teeth. In addition, pottery is recognized the most biocompatible material of all the above.

Crowns made of ceramic material without metal impurities are mainly used for dental prosthetics in the range of a smile, as chewing, they are not always preferable to others because of the lack of necessary strength.

Metal and plastic construction and plastic

Functions and properties of metal-plastic and plastic crownsAre applied for temporary prosthetics teeth. As a rule, they are used as dental crowns for prosthetics on implants; however, they are sometimes installed on the ground teeth in the form of a single crown or bridge.

The advantage of such implants is affordable price. But more disadvantages. Among the minuses of metal-plastic constructions are the following:

  • short service life (1–3 years);
  • abrasion of the original color soon;
  • unreliable attachment of a plastic crown to a metal base;
  • metal radiography through plastic, etc.

Plastic tooth crown this material is also an orthopedic construction for temporary use. Plastic implants are made in a short time, have a low price.

In addition, the material is light, which is important for temporary dental crowns, which are installed during the engraftment period on implants, as well as on natural teeth that have been cut, subsequently to replace them with a permanent structure.

Dental crowns on implants

Selection of dental crowns for implantsIf prosthetics are based on implants, dental metal crowns made of metalless metal will be the best option, they will provide the necessary aesthetic component.

Since the metal has the ability to show through ceramics, which repeats the natural transparency of natural teeth. To ensure the high aesthetic value of crowns, it is better to pay attention to the zirconium abutment.

If it is necessary to make dentures for which the aesthetic appearance is not so important in contrast to the functionality, then dental crowns on metal-ceramic implants would be the best option. Those who do not want to choose between aesthetic appearance and functionality are advised to install on implants. zirconia construction.

Color selection

The nuances of the choice of color crowns for teethTechnologies of modern dentistry can offer today orthopedic designs of the natural color of teeth. Of course, this is not about metal crowns, but about ceramic, metal-ceramic and plastic.

Ceramics able to imitate color and the transparency of the tooth enamel is 100% complete, so the transition from implantable teeth to natural ones is imperceptible to others. The same ability has plastic, which is often used for temporary structures.

Metal ceramics can also imitate natural color, if you make a frame of zirconium. If you choose a different metal, then the base of the crown will probably begin to shine through the artificial enamel. Modern dental laboratories equipped with a scale Vita, which allows you to choose the most appropriate shade of enamel.

Construction cost

The price of one dental crown directly depends on the material, method of manufacture, category of the clinic and its location, qualifications of the orthopedic surgeon. Therefore, prices vary greatly.

For example, Moscow dental clinics offer to install structures at the following prices:

  • Metal crowns at a price of 700 to 16 thousand rubles.
  • Ceramic-metal will cost from 3 thousand to 40 thousand rubles.
  • Ceramics - approximately at the price of 21 thousand rubles.

If the patient wants to know a more accurate price of one implant, then he needs to come for in-person consultation to a doctor in one of the dental clinics.

Which crown is better to choose

Dental advice which crowns are betterThe choice of crowns on the teeth is done in conjunction with the doctor at the reception. A knowledgeable dentist will talk about the possible options for prosthetics, as well as all the pros and cons of each, regarding your individual case.

It turns out that the best crowns will be those that are advised by your doctor. But, if it comes to the advantages of the material and according to the patient reviews, then the leading positions are occupied all-ceramic crowns. They are made using extrusion or refractory models.

Such designs are ideal for replacing front natural teeth because of their high aesthetic qualities. Because they accurately reproduce the shade and transparency of natural enamel.

The functionality of this material is maintained due to the strength, because it is necessary to withstand the chewing load, which the patient's native teeth so easily cope with.

Choose a clinic and a doctor with the understanding that high-quality work on the installation of a crown on a tooth cannot be cheap and be done in one visit.

If the orthopedic structure is made and installed incorrectly, then it can cause various complicationswhich will cause periodontitis, bite disorder, damage to adjacent teeth and other unpleasant problems.

Sometimes, after fixing the crown, there is discomfort or pain in the tooth, then it is necessary without delay. contact your dentist.

Patient Reviews

My sister had a temporary plastic construction set on her front teeth. She was immediately warned that this material is short-lived, but 3 years have passed since the time of prosthetics, and her teeth are still standing, their appearance has not changed at all. The sister hopes that she will be able to spend another two years with them, and then, of course, she will go to put something more expensive.


This spring, my molar tooth has fallen into disrepair. The dentist, whom I turned to, collected a tooth from almost nothing. He started with canal treatment, and finished installing a crown on it. I did everything carefully and carefully, so I did not limit myself to one tooth and trusted him to cure the rest.

Eugenia. Kazan

I have a ceramic front tooth implant, before that there was metal-ceramic. The aesthetic appearance has become much better, the tooth has acquired a natural shade and beauty, it has become much better than before. Therefore, I advise everyone to put ceramics on their front teeth, although it is expensive, but it's worth it!

Oksana. St. Petersburg