Crown of metal-ceramic teeth: types and prices in Moscow

Metal-ceramic crowns - features of prostheticsRestoration of teeth lost or destroyed for various reasons at the moment is perhaps the most common service that dental clinics and centers in Moscow provide to their clients. There are many types of such restorations, including prosthetics with the help of metal ceramics.

Metal ceramics are called crowns or bridges, made of metal, and covered with a thin layer of ceramic coating composition or made by casting. The entire construction itself is absolutely hypoallergenic. The metal base repeats the contours of the tooth as precisely as possible, and the outer layer makes it possible to make a crown that looks very similar to a natural series of teeth.

Crown on the metal cutter - photoBy high strength Mostly this type of prosthetics is very common for the restoration of those teeth, which are called chewing teeth. But metal ceramics are also often installed on the front teeth, since aesthetic qualities significantly depend on the materials used. For example, the use of some special technologies and precious non-ferrous metals make it possible to approximate the appearance of the crown as closely as possible to the original.

How is the cost of metal-ceramic crowns and what is included in it?

There are many quite logical factors that can significantly affect the cost metal ceramic crowns. Just the range of prices for this type of prosthetics is quite large. If, in general, the cost is considered in the dentistry market, the approximate cost will vary by approximately 21–24 thousand rubles. But there are quite a few variations.

The minimum cost of metal ceramics in Moscow starts from 3-5 thousand, and can reach even more than 50 thousand rubles. The cost is made up of various factors in each particular case. Some of them are considered mandatory, some are not.

Therapeutic Stage: Preparatory


In most dental clinics, especially with very high level of service, this service: either is completely free, or its price will be billed upon completion of all the work done. Approximate cost is 400-700 rubles.


First of all - it is a radiography. Taking into account received x-ray a decision is made on the follow-up of the dentist The cost starts from 200 rubles and can increase up to almost 1000, taking into account the equipment used and the required quality of X-ray images, their printing and saving for later use.

Pre-filling teeth

Crowns in the mouth of metal - practical and durableWhen at the time of the survey old fillings were revealedthen it is necessary to determine their quality. If it is rather bad, then new seals will need to be installed. The cost of this procedure is 1500-7000 rubles. In this case, the cost will depend on the material used and the complexity of the work.

Probably, depulping will be necessarywhich needs the subsequent sealing of channels. This is done if a center of the inflammatory process is detected or in some other situations.

Also, in the presence of such dental diseases as periodontitis or pulpitis, their treatment is required. The cost of all work, as a rule, reaches 7–11 thousand rubles.

Kultvaya tab

When the tooth is destroyed no more than 50%, then the crown of metal-ceramic will be placed on the pin. It is cheaper and easier. When if significant damage, that is, there is almost no tooth to the root or there are only walls, it will be necessary to manufacture and mount a special stump insert. This design, by and large, is a support for the crown, the tab increases the reliability and durability of the overall design. Their price will depend on the materials for the manufacture and the level of tooth decay. Here is the approximate cost for one tooth with the installation:

  • Damaged teeth under the crowns - a popular solutionthree-root metal crown - more than 5 thousand rubles;
  • double root metal crowns - about 4 thousand rubles;
  • metal single-root crowns - about 3 - /, 5 thousand rubles;
  • tabs made with the addition of zirconium dioxide are the most expensive, their cost starts from about 10 thousand rubles.

Preparation for prosthetics and direct prosthetics

These two stages are combined into one, since it is meaningless to share the cost of the work of an orthopedic surgeon directly (is engaged in the manufacture of crowns), dentist and metal ceramics mounting. As it is pointless to buy a metal-ceramic crown separately without installing it. Almost in every dental clinic the cost is indicated as one. This means that the cost of material and work during prosthetics with metal-ceramic are in one general category.

There is only one small stage, it is most often needed, which is paid for separately. This is the manufacture and fastening of temporary plastic prostheses for teeth that have already been ground and prepared. These structures are required to protect the teeth that have been turned and prepared, as well as the aesthetic appearance. The price of each such one crown varies approximately 160-220 rubles.

Subjective components

Metal-ceramic crowns - material featuresFor starters, what needs to be said is fabrication material manufacturerwhich is used during prosthetics. This factor is purely subjective, since, in addition to the fact that any manufacturing company has its own technological and specific developments and sets its pricing policy, there are also market objective reasons for the appreciation of foreign materials.

You also need to say about the fact that choice of dental clinic also important. Absolutely similar metal-ceramic dental crowns can have different costs even in the same network of polyclinics. This is due to the specific location and popularity. The more popular the dental clinic, the higher the cost. The region where the prosthetics of metal-ceramic prostheses is provided is also of no small importance during the determination of the total cost. If the cost in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other metropolitan areas is still relatively comparable, then in small towns you can get the same services much cheaper.

In this case relative cheapness of metal ceramics not a criterion of poor quality. Naturally, large dental clinics, where doctors have extensive practical experience, are most likely to give guarantees for their services. However, this does not mean that in small clinics perform this work worse.

How to save on cermets?

Partly already talked about how to save without damage quality of established metal-ceramic crowns.Some factors are not so obvious, however, they will also be indicated:

  • The choice of a specific dental clinic that provides similar services for the installation of metal-ceramic crowns. Not all the time you need to go to another location to pay a lower cost. You need to ask about approximate prices for the installation of prostheses within your city and nearby suburbs. But at the same time, it is best to find out whether a particular clinic provides guarantees to its clients. Sometimes savings can be impressive amounts, in some cases up to 25–35%.
  • All dental clinics hold various promotions from time to time and offer discounts to their clients. In some situations, quite large. If the case is not very critical, then perhaps it makes sense to just wait for some shares.
  • Metal-ceramic crowns are of high strength and aestheticsYou can save directly on materials. For example, the basis of a denture can have quite large differences in cost. Since these metal-ceramic crowns are made not only from alloys of titanium, cobalt, chromium and nickel. In some cases, gold or platinum are also used, the first - more often. Naturally, precious metals have many advantages. But in this case, you can completely do without it, since the rest of the alloys for strength for the base of the prosthesis are not worse, and the presence of non-ferrous metals increases the price by about 3-4 thousand rubles. for one gram.
  • The number of dentures made can also affect the price per tooth. The greater the number of teeth exposed to prosthetics at the same time, the cheaper their approximate cost will be. This is similar to lowering prices during bulk purchasing.

The cost of cermet

To begin with, it is necessary to say that there are many manufacturers of metal-ceramic crowns on the teeth. The price for them is also partly affected.. Including prices vary considerably directly on the ceramic material, which is separately applied to the metal frame, then fired in a special furnace.

Metal Species - Estimated Cost

In this case, I mean dental clinic with a relatively average cost at a decent level, but without pathos. All prices that will be quoted relate only directly to the crowns, in this case the work of the dentist, dental technician and other cost components are not taken into account.

  • The manufacturer of ceramics directly is Japan or Germany, the frame is made of chrome-cobalt composition - the cost is approximately 7–8 thousand rubles. for one tooth.
  • What dental crowns are used in dentistryThe composition of the materials is exactly the same, but the manufacturer - Russia and Belarus - the cost decreases by approximately 1.2–1.6 thousand rubles.
  • The price of a frame made of non-ferrous metal alloys, for example, a gold-palladium or gold-platinum composition, will be higher than the total cost of a crown made of other metals - approximately 10 thousand rubles. The total price of one crown is about 20 thousand rubles. But keep in mind that objectively, this value can increase very much with the appreciation of the gold.

The cost of prosthetic front teeth

This prosthetic best done simultaneously for the entire visible dentition. This greatly enhances the aesthetic appearance. If only one denture is installed, it will almost always be different in appearance from the nearby teeth. This service can be provided if there is no possibility for the restoration or restoration of the tooth, that is, during almost its complete destruction.

The cost of prostheses using a frame made of non-ferrous metals in this case will already start from about 21–23 thousand rubles, since a great skill is needed from both the dental technician and the dentist for more accurate color selection and performance of work.

For chewing teeth install cermet prostheses at a cost it can sometimes be even more expensive. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the amount of materials needed per tooth crown. But in this case, you can not use temporary crowns and non-ferrous metals. This will be a very significant savings.

It is necessary to add that metal ceramic crown costwhich is installed on the bone implant will be much more. This is due to the costly cost of directly implants. The same crown, but with the addition of zirconium dioxide, will cost more than 19–20 thousand rubles, and this equates to expensive precious structures.

In this way, the total cost metal-ceramic crowns will depend on the materials used, the degree of tooth decay, its location in the dentition, additional work that the dentist will need to perform before installing the crown, etc.