Freddie Mercury's teeth: a flaw or a natural gift?

There are legends everywhere, but music is perhaps the absolute record holder. There is no counting great people in this area - there will always be unaccounted talent, but some stars shine brighter than anyone, but quickly fade away, but remain in history forever. One of these is Freddie Mercury, the notorious singer of the Queen group. The celebrity had many secrets that he was not shy about, but Freddie Mercury’s teeth were an exception.

The unique feature of the singer

Freddie’s personality was extremely bright, explosive and eccentric. It is known that with self-esteem, the star had no problems, which allowed him to lead an extremely free sex life, even for modernity, not to mention the heyday of his work. All this is understandable without his personal confirmation - just look at the stage images of the artist and behavior in public.

Freddie King

Freddie lived royally both on stage and outside.

However, there was one gap in this impenetrable wall of narcissism - the teeth. Freddie Mercury suffered from polyodontia - this is an anomaly of the bite, in which there is an excess of teeth. For a healthy adult, it is normal to have 32 teeth, while the singer had 36. The extra teeth grew in the upper jaw in two rows and protruded, causing him both physical and moral discomfort.

Young Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury's teeth were never corrected before and after the start of concert activities.

He himself repeatedly stated:

I do not like my teeth - they stick out. For the rest, I'm perfect.

Despite self-confidence, the vocalist was embarrassed by his illness - he tried to hide his teeth during a laugh, a conversation (in many photos this is noticeable).

What is polyodontics?

The pathology of the development of teeth, which Freddie suffered, is rare, but is not included in the list of the rarest deviations. Everything happens due to early developmental disorders - the body simply produces more teeth than necessary.

The jaw is designed only for standard 32 teeth and does not imply any additions, because additional teeth grow outside of the tooth holes, for example, on the palate. The disease is unpleasant - such a large number of teeth requires care, because of non-standard location, caries and tartar develop more often. A child with polyodontia will have an overbite and may have problems with speech and socialization.


X-ray of a person suffering from polyodontia

As you can see, the future star had a hard time. Nowadays, treatment of polyodontia will cost the parents or the patient most expensive, but dentistry is developed, and most of the maxillary diseases are studied. During the life of the famous vocalist, the disease was also treated, but there was no such confidence in the doctors. Mercury chose not to risk.

Why didn't Freddie Mercury fix his teeth?

Because of the inconvenience that the wrong bite delivered to the singer, he was repeatedly offered to correct the situation surgically - to remove extra teeth. Such operations have already been carried out, but Freddie flatly refused the operational way to solve the problem, despite his complexes in this regard.

The main reason was the fear that any intervention in the mouth area could damage his vocal abilities. Music and performances with the group were for Mercury the meaning of life, so he could not allow the slightest opportunity to ever go on stage again.

Harm to the voice - were they in vain?

Refusing treatment of polyodontics, Freddie was guided by purely logical reflections. Teeth is an integral part of organs controlling speech, like tongue, larynx and cheeks, but in this particular case, he lived in vain with his illness for the rest of his bright life.

The vocalist had problems with the front incisors, which have very little effect on the reproduction of sounds. In addition, his case was far from the most neglected, the area of ​​defeat was small, albeit very noticeable. The problem was rather aesthetic, and the possibilities of medicine at that time allowed it to be solved, if not as effectively as now.

How did the anomaly look like to others?

As already mentioned, Freddie tried with all his might to hide his flaw. It is not known how the actor behaved alone with his partners, friends and other people who were close to him, but in public he made every effort not to remind himself and others of unnecessary teeth. Of course, this was not easy for him. Publicity with such world-wide fame is round-the-clock, the singer is constantly monitored - media and fan. Coupled with a hot-tempered character, such stressful situations made him at least disguise unwanted elements of his appearance.

Mercury in childhood

Here you can see how the vocalist looked like in his childhood: in children, polyodontics is more pronounced due to the proportions of the face, in older adults, the situation usually changes for the better, but only aesthetically

At the performances, Freddie seemed to turn into another person, liberated himself and completely ceased to be guided by the opinions of others, but sometimes his previous embarrassment slipped by his lack at concerts as well. While singing, Mercury tried to close his extra teeth with his lips, although he did not always do this.

Freddie Mercury with a microphone

The microphone sometimes acted as actual and moral defenses.

Such inconsistencies in their own opinions and moods were typical of the singer, he was described as an unusually changeable spirit, hot-tempered and even hysterical person, who often did not know what to want or be afraid of.

Freddie Mercury in a red robe

In this photo, Freddie does not think to hide his peculiar smile and sings at the top of her voice.

Since the singer did not disdain ties with simple fans and female fans, there were enough eyewitnesses to his natural, non-public behavior: Mercury's many lovers said that such a bite only gave the idol a highlight. There were admissions from fans that their teeth became the main cause of sexual attraction.

Freddie covers his teeth

Freddie Mercury tried to cover his teeth if he laughed during the interview

As you can see, he tried not to smile on most photos. Live recordings are an exception. Freddie knew that he was constantly being photographed and filmed, but he was too busy playing. In staged photographs, one can almost always see a smile with one's lips - this is how the singer ensured for himself minimal psychological comfort in public.

Freddie Mercury sings

Fans of the famous singer, who once and for all changed the world of music, appeared in the image not only as a tribute to the fashion of that time, but also as a diversion maneuver.

Almost everyone who knew the singer testified that Freddie did not like to talk about his teeth. There were no complaints in the conversations, the vocalist simply tried to pretend that he had no such problem. In some photos like this ailment is not even so noticeable: you can see the extra incisors only if you look at it intentionally. Probably at one time it was a little comforting the Queen legend.

Even great people have weaknesses, and if they are also visible in public, it causes media personalities like Freddie to be hard hit. We can only assume how much this flaw inflated the already unstable behavioral line of the legend - most importantly, in spite of everything, he left his bright mark.