Price for teeth aligners

Use of aligners"According to the clothes they meet ...". This proverb, which is known to almost everyone, says that the appearance of a person is able to create a certain opinion about him among others. That is why many people care more about the accuracy of appearance than about their inner world. But now is not about that.

At the opinion of people can affect not only clothes. The appearance of a person can also cause inclination or indifference in society. If a person looks good, is neatly dressed and neat, he is always will feel more confidentand also cause positive emotions of others.

What is almost immediately striking when you look at the person with whom you communicate? Smile. A very simple action that anyone can do, but at the same time is so effective and able to influence the attitude of others.

A pleasant and beautiful smile can serve as a real pass to any society. Smiles fall in love, smiles are remembered and remain in the memory. Unfortunately, not all are happy owners of beautiful smiles. The reasons may be different, but most often this may be due to improper taste and incorrect position of the teeth.

You can correct such unwanted defects of your smile. At the moment this is no longer a problem. Dental clinics are able to solve this problem by providing various measures to correct bite. One such measure is wearing special devicescalled an aligner. What it is and how much they cost will be indicated in this article.

Aligners - what is it?

How do the alignersTo begin with, a few words should be said about what the above-mentioned aligners are. These orthodontic, highly aesthetic devices that dentists use to correct dental irregularities, as well as improper bite.

Wearing an aligner is a great solution for those patients who are embarrassed by braces or simply consider them to be ugly. Many people who have the wrong bite, refuse to braces only because they seem too uncomfortable and unaesthetic to them.

Aligners, unlike braces, have a very big plus, associated precisely with the aesthetic side of these devices. When wearing the aligners, you can not be afraid that this will negatively affect the overall appearance of the carrier. They are peculiar transparent capswhich are not even visible from the side.

How to use them?

There is nothing difficult in using the aligners. All that is required from the patient is the wearing of these devices. Transparent and thin, they will not be noticeable when communicating, but they will still perform their function properly - leveling the teeth, correcting the wrong bite.

In order to wear the aligners, you first have to make a special silicone impression of the teeth. This is necessary, as all aligners produced strictly individually, and the principle of their action lies in the fact that they contain the micromovement of the teeth, which affects the movement of the tooth in the correct position. To do this, you need to make a few special casts and be examined to determine the pathology.

How long can the treatment last?

For the period of treatment can be made from five to forty caps. The number of aligners depends on the pathology.It is logical that a more serious bite violation would entail the need for a longer wearing of aligners, which, in turn, will require the manufacture of more such devices. The same set of these special transparent caps will need to be worn for two weeks. You will only need to shoot at meals. For a more effective effect, it is recommended to wear the teeth on the teeth at least twenty-two hours a day.

Teeth aligners - price

How aligners align teethNow it is necessary to go directly to the financial question regarding the treatment of bite by aligners. The cost of this long procedure depends on the complexity of the treatment, that is, from pathology. The cost of the whole procedure will include the aligners, the installation of these devices, as well as a set of all necessary materials that will be needed throughout the entire treatment period.

Also, do not forget that you will need to visit the orthodontist every month. This is necessary so that the specialist can evaluate the effect of the work of the aligners, and also be able to give certain recommendations regarding the process of dental treatment. The cost of receptions will be included in the total. For patients who can not pull the entire cost of the treatment of bite by aligners, do not worry. The entire amount can be paid in parts.

Services and their cost

Now you should provide a list of those services that are provided by dental clinics to align the teeth with ayliners. It should immediately be said that the procedure for correcting the bite with these devices will not be from cheap ones. At the same time, a huge amount of positive feedback suggests that it is worth it.

So, how much money you have to spend for the treatment of malocclusion with the aligners:

  • First you have to go through one procedure. The fact is that treatment cannot be started before individual silicone tooth casts are made. They are done in order to assess the pathology and the seriousness of the problem regarding the wrong bite. Also at this stage, specialists should make a virtual film on the movement of teeth. The patient will be able to evaluate the results of future treatment, learn about the required number of aligners and the treatment time. On average, it will cost from 5,000 to 15,000 rubles;
  • With non-severe bite violations, five eliners will suffice. Cost - from 40,000 to 80,000;
  • In the event that a relapse of orthodontic treatment of a small crowding of teeth is observed, a greater number of aligners will be needed - perhaps twice. Ten ten-lineers will need to spend from 70,000 to 140,000;
  • For twenty Elyner, which will be needed for the treatment of more serious bite disorders, you will have to pay the amount from 140,000 to 210,000;
  • Severe crowding of the teeth and serious bite disorders will require the manufacture of a large number of mouthguards, which will also have a corresponding cost. For the treatment of bite, involving the use of 40 aligners, you will need to pay from 190,000 to 280,000.

Aligners or braces?

In the case of problems associated with the presence of improper bite and crowded teeth, patients often have to choose between braces and aligners. To make the right choice, you should weigh the pros and cons.

  • Device for leveling teethThe principle of operation of braces and aligners is the same. These orthodontic appliances are designed to correct the existing bite bite by securing the correct position of the teeth. Just the materials used in the manufacture of these devices are different.
  • Also different is the price of these devices. Brackets will be cheaper, but the aligners provide for a more complicated procedure for correcting bite and teeth crowding, which affects their efficiency, which will be higher than that of braces.

User Reviews

In order to make the right choice, it is better to get acquainted with the reviews of those people who have already used the aligners to align teeth:

I have a wrong bite since childhood. I always imagined braces in the form of such ugly glands on the teeth, which are quite difficult to get used to, and the process of removing them is not a pleasant process. Therefore, the question of the implementation of the correction of distortions and the leveling of the bite was postponed. But my dentist advised me to turn to this remediation process [elainera]. After learning about all the advantages of this method of dental treatment, I agreed without hesitation. I have already completed the entire course and very pleased with the result.


What do users sayAs a child, my parents (or doctors?) Overlooked a little, which eventually led to my having certain problems with my teeth. In the end, I was pretty tired of this and I decided that it was time to solve the problem. At work I constantly have to communicate with serious people, so the option with braces did not suit me because of their lack of aesthetics. Then the dentist recommended trying the aligners. At first it was a bit uncomfortable to walk with this mouthpiece. Then the device, as they say, stuck, and further dental treatment was carried out without any particular difficulties. Now teeth are exactlyWhat I am very happy about.


I can confirm the positive feedback presented above on my own experience. The younger daughter had a displacement of teeth - they came to the decision that it is necessary to align. At first, they put ordinary, well-known iron braces - this led to certain problems - either the taste is not right in the mouth, it presses, or the allergy is somehow incomprehensible. We decided to go to the Aliner - the treatment has been going on for six months already - everything is fine.