Effective treatment of a tooth cyst with a SiroLaser Sirona SIEMENS laser at the Bionic Dentis clinic

The number of Russian patients who turn to dentists with tooth cystis increasing every day. The reason for the development of such pathology, as a rule, is a complication due to the previously conducted poor-quality root canal treatment according to an outdated method. These methods are still practiced in the dentistry of the country, although they only alleviate the patient’s condition for a while. In most cases, the result of such therapy is the formation of a cyst, which had to be removed by surgical intervention.

But as it turned out, there is an effective method of treating a tooth cyst with a laser. What he is, and other related details, we decided to find out from the head physician of the Bionic Dentis clinic.

- Peter Vladimirovich, tell us, what is this technique and how did it appear?

- this one innovative way treatment of cysts of the tooth with a laser was developed in Germany. Foreign experts have been using it successfully for over 10 years. Effectiveness was confirmed by numerous clinical studies and practical cases. Thanks to the laser, a complete 100% channel processing is performed.


Laser SIEMENS SIRONA (Germany) of the latest generation for the treatment of cysts and granulomas of the tooth.

As for our clinic, we started treatment of cysts using the laser in 2007. For such a long time we have accumulated rich practical experience in this area. Thus, we use this unique technique for much longer than any other dentistry in the Russian Federation.

- So, now dentists can not use surgery to treat a tooth cyst?

- Yes, this method is just therapeutic treatment of cyst laser.

Stages of development of damage to dental tissues that lead to the occurrence of a tooth cyst.

Although in many dental clinics, especially public ones, the treatment of cysts is also carried out with the help of operations. After the intervention of patients, a long period of rehabilitation awaits, because wounds in the mouth after the operation heal for a long time, severe swelling appears and all this is accompanied by pain. But worst of all, many people have relapses. Therefore, in half of the patients, a tooth cyst appears again.

- Are the patients themselves able to determine the formation of tooth cysts?

- The main features of this pathology are manifested:

  • pain when chewing food;
  • boils or flux of gum tissue;
  • a sense of change in the tooth size, but rather an increase in its length.

Root canal treatment system VDW GOLD (Germany) for cleaning the root canal of the tooth and providing access to the cyst.

Any of these symptoms require urgent treatment to the dentist. Especially dangerous is a complication of a cyst on the root of the tooth as suppuration. Purulent structures are able to quickly penetrate into all adjacent tissues, affecting the eyes, ears, which causes serious illnesses.

But for most people, the development of this pathology is asymptomatic. A person sometimes does not think that he may encounter such a problem.

Modern nickel titanium instruments provide high-quality cleaning of the root canal from infection when treating a cyst with a laser.

- How then can patients learn that they develop a cyst on the root of a tooth?

- For this you need to regularly visit a specialist for a routine examination. To detect tooth cyst can be on the panoramic picture.Just want to note that this pathology requires urgent treatment, even if it does not bother the patient and it would seem, does not affect his well-being and state of health.

Ultrasonic root canal cleaning system for disinfection in the treatment of a cyst of a tooth with a laser and modern dental equipment is an indispensable component of a quality treatment of a cyst of a tooth with a laser.

In a short time, suppuration forms at the site of cyst localization, pressure on the nerves appears, causing facial numbness. There is also bone destruction and the development of sinusitis - a serious illness that complicates breathing and is accompanied by severe pain.

- Tell me, and if a tooth cyst is found in a patient during a medical examination, for example, in the state dentistry, will he be able to apply for treatment in "Bionic Dentis"?

- Of course! Moreover, a routine survey can be carried out immediately with us.

Modern drugs can achieve complete cleaning of the root canal and cysts from infection in the treatment of a tooth cyst.

We specialize in treatment of a cyst by a laser more than 10 years. Our dentists have been trained in clinics. Germany. For the implementation of therapeutic techniques, we have German material and technical equipment for the full cycle. This approach to treatment increases its effectiveness by 98% and does not cause relapses.

- Given the above, it becomes clear that this therapeutic method is quite complicated. What stages does it include? What do you need to tune in to the patient?

- Method laser treatment of cyst tooth not easy. The important point is that it requires high professionalism from the doctors and the availability of specialized German equipment in the clinic where the treatment process is carried out.

As for the whole treatment, it includes certain steps:

  • First, a hole is drilled in the affected tooth, which will allow one to get to the channels of the dental root.
  • After that, what is contained in it is thoroughly removed, for example, inflamed nerve tissue or infected filling material as a result of poor-quality therapy.
  • The cleaned cavity needs treatment. So that it was carried out fully, we use a special computer cleaning system VDW GOLG, created by German manufacturers.

  • Then, titanium tools are used, with which a consistent sensation of the root canal is performed, which also gives it evenness. This reduces the risk of breakage or jamming of the instrument inside the canal, increases the speed and quality of processing, eliminates the possibility of uncontrolled penetration into other zones or injury to nearby tissues.
  • When the channel is completely cleaned, it is subjected to ultrasonic treatment. In addition to the main part, it is necessary to capture the scanty branches, where bacteria are usually collected, leading to a tooth cyst. The clinic is equipped with a system root canal ultrasound treatment with SiroSonic Sirona. With its help, the disinfecting solution penetrates even the most difficult accessible places and sterilizes them by chemical means.

    The SIEMENS SIRONA radiovisiography system for tracking the quality of root canal cleaning and treatment of a tooth cyst with a laser.

  • Laser dental unit SiroLaser (SIRONA SIEMENS) allows you to get directly into the cyst and perform a complete treatment. This technique is even suitable for curved channels.
  • The next step involves the sterilization of the canals, which ensures the disinfection of the affected areas, preventing recurrences from occurring.
  • Now it's time to introduce a drug, which is a highly active drug that stimulates bone regeneration and disinfects it for up to six months.
  • The final point is the installation of a heavy-duty crown or filling for a certain time the doctor.

- How long will the treatment of this method?

- For this you need only 1 visit to the dentist! Yes, the patient will not have to visit us every week for 6 months. After a period set by the doctor is 4-6 months, you need to go radiovisiography study. According to its results, it will be seen that the healing and regeneration were successful. And it's time to proceed to the next stage.

- This stage will be the final? What is included in it, and what are its features?

- It's really, the final stage of the treatment process and preparation for the restoration of the tooth. To do this, fill the root canals using a permanent material, called alpha gutta percha. It is characterized by complete biocompatibility, without the development of allergies and possible rejection.

First, the doctor once again treats the root canal with an antiseptic preparation using ultrasound. This will help to open the scanty entrances and penetrate the filling material into each microscopic tubule. After that, alpha gutta percha is prepared and well heated, and injected under pressure into the channel. This procedure is a 3D system for filling a dental canal.

The device VDW BEFILL (Germany) for root canal filling after treatment of a cyst by a laser.

Although this method is considered new for Russian dentistry, it has been used by world specialists for many years. It is important that its use does not allow development recurrence of a tooth cyst, as the channels are completely sealed without any defects. The process ends with the installation of a suitable filling, crown or tab.

- Are there any contraindications to the treatment of a tooth cyst with a laser?

- This procedure is not carried out at aboutNkologicheskie diseases in the face and jaws. Also, it is not recommended for cracks or fractures of the root.

- Tell me, how when searching for a clinic for the treatment of a tooth cyst with a laser, do not run into scammers?

- Indeed, the dental market does not always guarantee the provision of services at a high quality level. Often, metropolitan clinics attract unique procedures at an excessively low price. And patients who simply do not know what material and technical base is necessary for such treatment, turn to them. As a result, the situation becomes much more complicated and for the subsequent recovery much more time, effort and financial expenses will be required.

Therefore, choosing a clinic should pay attention to the following conditions:

  • technical equipment in the form of a computer root canal treatment system VDW GOLD, a dental laser SiroLaser Sirona, an ultrasound dental system SiroSonic Sirona, a device for 3d obturation of VDW channels BeeFile, and so on;
  • tenure training laser technology from SIRONA SIEMENS;
  • employees have a valid state certificate for a specialty - a dentist-therapist.

In this case, the administrator of the blade should provide patients with complete information related to the upcoming treatment.

In addition, you should get acquainted with the reviews of people treated in the interest in dentistry. Visual results are also usually provided. laser treatment of cysts - before it starts and after completion. For example, we have There are a large number of various radiographic images of the dentition and computed tomography, showing the condition of patients in different periods of time. Such a vivid example is sure to help make the right choice.

Treatment of a tooth cyst with a laser in the Bionic Dentis clinic. Condition before and after treatment.

- How often do patients who refuse to extract a tooth in another dentistry and prefer this unique technique come to the Bionic Dentis clinic?

- Such cases are not uncommon. Usually, people complain of pain in their teeth to the nearest public health center.After they take a panoramic picture and identify the cause of pain, a diagnosis is made and treatment is offered - surgical removal of the cyst and, consequently, of the affected tooth.

Such a proposal is unlikely to suit someone, so the search begins for a suitable clinic, which will help solve the problem and not lose your teeth. In the clinic "Bionic Dentis" patients undergo a full examination followed by treatment of cysts of the tooth laser SiroLaser SIRONA.

- How much is the treatment of a tooth cyst with a laser?

- To determine the exact cost you need to find out how many channels you need to treat. As you know, the channels can be either 1 or 4 - it all depends on which tooth is susceptible to infection. With all these features the cost treatment of cyst tooth laser Sirona SIEMENS can vary in the range of 65-75 thousand rubles.

Treatment of a tooth cyst with a laser in the dental clinic "Bionic Dentis"

The dental clinic "Bionic Dentis" has significant experience in the field of treatment of cysts of the tooth with a laser in Moscow and the Moscow region. Our specialists successfully cope even with neglected pathologies, several lesions of large sizes. Therefore, we can safely call ourselves experts in this direction.

We are trusted by thousands of patients who asked for help with cases of varying degrees of complexity. In addition, our colleagues in other institutions recommend us to their patients. We try to always justify the trust of people, and by all means we justify their expectation!

This is how a tooth looks after laser treatment of a cyst in the Bionic Dentis clinic.

Laser treatment of cysts will help to save the affected tooth from removal, assumed by the old method. This method will not allow recurrence and will increase the life of your teeth for many years!