Toothpaste "Elmeks" and its main characteristics

Characteristics of Elmex toothpastesA large selection of toothpastes today gives everyone the opportunity to find a means to care for their teeth and oral cavity, which is fully suitable for him and will give the desired effect.

Elmex toothpaste is produced by the German company GABA Production GmbH, but has already gained a strong position in the domestic market and has earned a reputation as a reliable and effective means of caring for the oral cavity.

Benefits and properties of Elmex toothpaste

Benefits of Elmex Oral CareThis brand appeared in 1962 and very quickly became popular not only among customers, but also among dental specialists, who began to recommend Elmex paste to their patients more often.

Exists five varieties of elmex, each of which has its own characteristics and can be used to correct specific problems in the mouth.

They all belong to the type therapeutic and prophylactic agents. The company produces products for children and adults, so the whole family can carefully and carefully take care of the oral cavity, preserving the health and beauty of their smile.

The advantages of these pastes:

  • high quality;
  • well-chosen components;
  • elimination of inflammation in the gums and bleeding;
  • reduction of sensitivity and strengthening of enamel;
  • use in the production of innovative solutions.

Elmex Oral Care Manufacturers

Manufacturers of Elmex toothpaste and oral care productsThe GABA group of companies has been operating for over a hundred years. She also owns such brands as Meridol and Colgate. It all began with the usual pharmacy, but now this structure is the world leader in the production of such oral care products: toothpastes; rinses; toothbrushes and floss.

The company's homeland is SwitzerlandHowever, the plants are located in different European countries:

  1. Italy
  2. Germany.
  3. Austria.
  4. France.

As for the brand Elmex, then this toothpaste immediately after appearance on the market has established itself as excellent remedy for caries. It also helps in the following:

  • Eliminates plaque.
  • Protects the area near the roots from negative impacts.
  • Freshens breath.
  • Prevents the appearance of tartar.

Quality control of Elmex products

Features of quality control of the Elmex brandAs already mentioned, brands belonging to the GABA concern, including Elmex, have been successfully sold on the world market for many years. This success is due to scientific development, as well as the fact that all products carefully monitored in terms of quality.

The following measures are being taken: certification of all hygiene products; conducting regular expert assessments; periodic clinical studies.

Toothpastes and rinses under the Elmex brand are the result of the complex work of various specialized specialists, including:

  • dentists;
  • chemists;
  • technologists;
  • hygienists;
  • quality oral care product development consultants.

In the company constantly engage innovations in production. The requirements for the quality of the line of oral care and hygiene products are changing, for this new products appear, and the old ones are being improved. Thanks to such implementations, the manufacturer is able to withstand strong competition with others and keep afloat for such a long time.

Characteristics of toothpastes brand Elmex

Types of Elmex toothpastes and their characteristicsToothpastes under the brand "Elmex" are divided into three categories. Sensitive - for sensitive teeth. Anticaries - for the treatment of caries. Junior - for children.

Elmex sensitive paste. This paste is designed for sensitive teeth. It contains such a complex as PRO-ARGIN. It helps reduce pain while consuming cold or hot foods, as well as sour or sweet.

In addition to this complex, other components against pain are present in the paste, which have an effect directly on the nerve endings. And she perfectly cleans your teeth from plaque and stains that appear after smoking and drinking wine. And also paste helps to refresh the breath and strengthen the gums.

Cleaning this paste is soft, it is gentle, it can be used for open dental necks. And the protective film helps protect from substandard irritantand caries through ammonium fluoride.

The composition of the paste is as follows:

  1. Sorbitol, water, silicon hydrogenated.
  2. Polyethylene, aminofluoride, saccharin.
  3. Hydroxyethylcellulose, potassium hydroxide.
  4. Titanium dioxide.
  5. Dimetrsalilat, flavoring.

Elmex pastes from caries and for children

Description of the properties of children's toothpaste brand ElmeksElmex anticaries contains in its composition a special technology of effective aminofluoride, which is able to quickly penetrate the tooth enamel and strengthen it. This and contributes to protection against caries. Due to its high surface activity, this component will provide teeth with long-lasting protection and restore mineralization even during demineralization.

This series of caries is presented also by children's pastes, some of them are designed from birth to 6 years, and others - from 6 to 12 years, respectively. A special feature of the Elmex toothpastes for children is that they safe for the child, even if he accidentally swallows them. They have no dyes or preservatives, they can be used for daily use.

Remember that if milk teeth are healthy, then only this factor contributes to the future health of the child’s permanent teeth. The advantages of this paste are:

  • It contains aminofluoride, which perfectly protects against tooth decay, so baby teeth will be protected until their natural replacement with permanent ones.
  • Includes 0.05% fluoride, as recommended by dentists.
  • Good pasta taste that kids like.

Children's toothpaste includes the following ingredients:

  • sorbitol;
  • water;
  • polyaminopropyl biguanide;
  • Castor oil;
  • aminofluoride;
  • cocamidopropyl betaine;
  • silicon and others.

Assortment of Elmex brand products

The line of products for the care of teeth and oral cavity, in addition to toothpaste, includes the following positions:

  1. Rinse solution.
  2. Gel.
  3. Toothbrushes.

All of these tools include aminofluoride in different consistencyThis is a key component to protect teeth from caries. Elmex brand products can solve certain dental problems. To make the care as effective as possible, it is recommended to combine products, for example, use a brush, paste and rinse at the same time.

Elmex Kariesschuts Zahnspulung Rinse

Characteristics of mouthwash Elmex Kariesschuts ZahnspulungThis tool is a mouthwash. It is used after the end of brushing. It is needed so that organic fluoride can penetrate into hard-to-reach places for a brush and is great in cases where dental hygiene is very problematic.

For example, during their straightening or when brushing your teeth is impossible for one reason or another. This fluid helps slow the process of developing a layer of bacteria, and you can keep breath fresh as long as possible. And this tool protects against caries.

The rinse does not contain coloring matter and alcoholic components. It is applied during the day or after brushing your teeth. Method of use of conditioner:

  • Hold the bottle firmly, remove the cap and press on the bottle until the neck is filled for accurate dosing (10 ml for rinsing).
  • Rinse your mouth for half a minute, then spit out the contents.
  • Do not swallow the liquid.
  • Immediately after rinsing, do not wash the mouth with water.

Contraindications and price

Contraindications for the use of Elmex toothpastesPaste and Elmex products have practically no contraindications, regardless of the condition of a person’s teeth. Pasta has a pleasant mint flavor. Positive action takes place immediately.

However, in rare cases, the use of pasta provokes bleeding gums. In this situation, you need to find an alternative means.

Price paste "Elmeks" depending on the type and purpose ranges from from 200 to 700 rubles.

There are a lot of reviews about it on the Internet and they are mostly positive. Buyers are satisfied with the high efficiency of this tool, as well as the efficiency of such a toothpaste. One tube is enough for a long time.