User reviews on the use of toothpaste Splat

Choosing toothpaste - why Splat like many?Splat focuses on customer reviews after using toothpaste, and this largely determines the further promotion of products on the world market. Producers marketing policy is aimed at refusal of advertising, the emphasis is on the fact that users will recommend the use of cleaning products for teeth, this will allow toothpastes to take a leading position in sales.

Products for all categories of citizens

The company offers users several lines of the professional series:

  • The cleanser contains components to correct a specific dental problem. The therapeutic effect is achieved through the use of natural products.
  • The children's series is designed for the youngest, preschoolers and for children of primary school age and teenagers. Small fidgets brush their teeth in the shape of a finger. All varieties of baby products are enriched with natural minerals, proteins, calcium to strengthen permanent and temporary teeth.
  • Popular Splat toothpastes - features.Specially developed product line for gourmets who want to get a pleasant sensation in the process of brushing their teeth, for this paste has several varieties of smell, taste and color.
  • Among the types of products there are series for pregnant women, travel and business trips in mini-packages.
  • The value of feedback to increase sales

Gradually bet on use feedback on the application product for its promotion has done its job, and pasta Splat began to be bought up actively on the shelves of stores. Acceleration of sales came due to consumer enthusiasm for natural products and the preference to use natural components for cleaning teeth. Rather low prices, efficiency and the ability to buy Splat paste in almost any region made it, according to reviews, an indispensable item in every second family.

For environmentalists and wildlife defenders, producers rely on the fact that the production itself, which contains natural ingredients, is neutral, and experiments are not being made on representatives of the fauna.

For buyers, choosing a dental cleaning splat, reviews of previous users play a significant role, because together with the removal of food plaque, paste strengthens the enamel, produces a whitening effect and solves caries problems. Before you buy a product, each customer wants to have an idea of ​​whether the paste helped those who used it before, and reviews play a crucial role in choosing.

Toothpaste Splat Juicy to strengthen teeth and gums.Some consumers recently completely stopped trusting insincere advertising in the media. In the text of advertising, all pastes are equally wonderful, and reviews of specific friends and acquaintances always contain truthful comments. Such results of “word of mouth” are much more effective than faceless commercials.

general information

Russian products manufacturer deservedly trusted buyers and is highly appreciated by expert employees.The tool is suitable for oral care every day and does not cause negative reactions. Produced products in the Novgorod region of Russia, which is considered environmentally friendly. The power of nature in the composition of the paste Splat combined with the use of modern processing technologies, allowing to extract from the material the most necessary for human substance.

Special features

Products famous Russian brand sold in pharmacies and fills the shelves of supermarkets. The brand is presented in four lines, each of which contains many different types and names. The original color of the composition, plus the positive feedback from friends and acquaintances, makes the tool of the famous Organic Pharmaceuticals company sold and popular. The colors in the tube delight the eye with diversity, there are crimson, azure-blue, emerald-green, bright or darker, even black shades.

Composition pasta Splat

Cleansing pastes contain organic matter and additives in the form of hypoallergenic synthetic components. These non-toxic elements do not adversely affect the human body. The composition of the toothpaste includes extracts of medicinal herbs that are actively used in dentistry:

  • Splat JUNIOR - Children's Toothpastejuniper;
  • sea ​​buckthorn;
  • licorice;
  • sage;
  • hawthorn;
  • chamomile.

Fluoride ions, silver and gold, calcium from eggshell, birch coal, milk proteins contribute to the saturation of the gum layer with microelements and vitamins. Aloe vera gel, lemon, natural papaya, skullcap, chilli pepper, spirulina, ginger help maintain proper acid balance and reduce inflammatory processes.

Names of funds from common series

Splat Professional Active - bioactive toothpaste

Splat Professional Active - Family ToothpasteHigh performance gel product with skullcap and bergenia extracts intended for prophylactic use against periodontal disease. The calcium and fluoride phosphate ions contained in the composition restore, strengthen the outer tooth layer and protect against the occurrence of caries. The dark color of the product does not indicate the presence of the dye in the composition, the mass has received this shade due to the natural components. Known chemical activators triclosan, chlorhexidine and dyes do not apply.

Unique remedy has anti-inflammatory effect in 54.3% and stops blood in 58.3% of cases of application. Contained vitamins E and A actively restore the surface integrity of the gums. Fluoride ions cope with bacteria that contribute to the occurrence of caries. For polishing the enamel applied innovative development Sp. White system.

Splat Professional Biocalcium - an active biological agent

Pasta is intended to restore enamel, reduce microscopic cracks and reduce tooth sensitivity. It nourishes with natural minerals and cures cavities in the initial stage of occurrence. Selected complex of natural ingredients for a long time leaves the breath fresh, the plaque does not form for a long time. After a month of use, the tooth color becomes lighter by one tone. Prohibited chemical elements in production are not used. In the composition of the paste are:

  • Splat Professional cleans your teeth perfectlyhydroxyopatite;
  • calcex;
  • papain;
  • omega-3 fatty acids;
  • sodium bicarbonate.

The tool is characterized by a hemostatic effect in 61%, mineralizing effect in 31%.

Bioactive Toothpaste Splat Professional Medical Herbs

Splat Professional Toothpaste is an effective solutionActively promotes comprehensive oral care and relieve inflammation from diseased gums. Extracts of therapeutic hawthorn and sage stop the blood, over time, the bleeding effect becomes less pronounced. Chamomile in the composition of the tool creates antiseptic protection of the oral cavity. The paste contains sea buckthorn and geranium oils, which, when mutually acting, gives a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. In the production of sugar is not laid, which is very important for diabetics. The anti-inflammatory effect is manifested in 28.6% of cases, the blood supply is reduced in 66.4%.

Innovative dental tool Splat professional MAXIMUM

Splat Professional Toothpaste Maximum - for those who do not know the compromise.The new generation toothpaste contains nanoparticles. Besides, contains zinc ionswith anti-inflammatory effects, exhibits an astringent effect and destroys fungal pathogenic flora. Carefully selected botanical ingredients refresh the mouth, and leave breath clean. The introduction of licorice extract into the paste prevents the development of caries in the initial stages of the disease, this component actively cleans plaque from the accepted food and contributes to the destruction of tartar.

Toothpaste Splat does not contain harmful fluoride, triclosan, saccharin, chlorhexidine, peroxides and chemical bleaches. The cleaning effect is observed in 70% of cases, a sensitive effect in 61.5%, caries healing in 66.5%, bleaching in 33%, remineralizing manifestation in 66.5% after a month of regular use.

Splat Professional White Plus

Toothpaste Splat Professional for lovers of the classics.According to user reviews, paste is recommended for everyday use. The composition of the funds Polydon component included, which in combination with the contained particles of different diameters and active enzymes significantly reduces the yellowness of teeth. Papain and sodium phosphate in the composition removes plaque, contribute to the destruction of the stone and freshen breath. Especially recommended, according to reviews, to those people who smoke a lot and love strong tea and coffee. The effect of bleaching is noted on one and a half tones for a month term of application.

Does not contain harmful artificial aggressive components, whitening due to natural additives and enzymes is 50.1%, the fight against inflammation is effective at 26.8%, a decrease in blood loss is observed at 50.3%.

Toothpaste Splat Professional Green Tea

Splat Professional - toothpaste for high-quality cleaning of teeth and oral cavity.Characterized by natural extracts of plant origin, according to reviews, carefully cares for the whitening of enamel and protects against the development of caries. Ions of natural pearls eliminate microcracks in the teeth. The soothing and relaxing effect is provided by the interaction of chamomile and sage. Natural papain fixes the achieved whiteness effect and actively fights with food plaque. Included in the composition of natural products provide cleansing 52.2%, anti-inflammatory effect of 28.4%, arrest of blood in 66.3%.

Splat Professional Arcticum for the prevention and treatment

Splat Professional Arcticum - packaging photosProduct thanks extract contained in it Ratania root and zinc gluconate is needed for active protection against bacteria during the working day. There is a decrease in tooth sensitivity due to an increase in enamel density. The action of papain, biosol, stevia component restores the gums and removes yellow plaque.

Triclosan, lauryl sulfate and sugar are not used in production. Zinc ions and nerol essential oil create a cleansing effect in 57.6%, inflammation is relieved in 47.6%, and gum bleeding is observed in 68.7%.

Medical paste Splat Professional Likvum - Gel

Splat Professional Likvum-Gel is a convenient form and gentle cleaning of teeth.It is applied for stone prevention at the base of the teeth. Excellent cleans the oral cavity and whitens the enamel, according to user feedback. Natural ingredients such as papaya and calcex from the shell of the eggs eliminate sensitivity and nourish the gums, forcing them to constantly be in good shape.

Anti-inflammatory the effect is noted in 35%, active cleansing in 43.7%, decreases the excretion of blood from the gums in 70.1%.

Fragrant Toothpaste Splat Professional Likvum - Gel

Splat Professional Likvu in the form of a gel - a flavored version of toothpasteBecome famous according to lovers of exotic, thanks to an unusual bright combination of aromas of lavender, rosewood, bergamot. When caring for your teeth, there is a unique aroma that is present throughout the day. Calcium in the composition makes the enamel resistant to damage, and reduces the sensitivity of teeth to cold and hot food. The bromelain component removes plaque, and the violet produces anti-bacterial work even at night. Does not contain harmful substances and cleansing is 43.1%, deodorizing effect is 41.2%, inflammation is 41.7%.

Black toothpaste Splat Blakwood

BLACKWOOD is another kind of good toothpaste.Original black color caused a considerable amount of rave reviews. Despite the unusual color, the tool gently whitens the teeth, the oral cavity does not turn black in color, because after combining with moisture, the mass foams and becomes white. After treatment, the mouth remains a pleasant forest smell. Bleaching occurs on two tones on a professional scale for a month of regular use.Useful ingredients in the composition:

  • birch coal;
  • stavia extract;
  • juniper;
  • bilsol.

Composition Splat with banana flavor for little kids

Paste contains milk proteins supporting enamel in quality and gradually strengthening it. A hypoallergenic composition was selected, absolutely safe for the child, even if the baby swallows it. Soft food deposits are cleaned completely, creating a reaction to the deposition of tartar, with regular use there is a slight bleaching.

Review: Not so long ago, I noticed Splat products on the market. According to some friends who spoke warmly about this tool, I decided to try using pasta every day. I used black pasta, it was immediately unusual, then I got used to it. After applying a little brightened teeth - this is about the long-term effect. But every day after the treatment, it was amazingly easy to breathe, it was felt that the teeth were amazingly clean. The effect is amazing, I really liked it.

Svetlana Nikolaevna

Testimonial: I have very sensitive teeth, and there is not only food and fluid inside the mouth, but even the cold wind gives unpleasant sensations in the gums. On the advice and feedback of friends, I decided to try the Ultracomplex from the Profeshenel series. I had patience and was not at all in vain. After three weeks of use, I began to notice that I could drink water at room temperature (but I could not before). In addition, deposits of stone around the base of the tooth somehow became less. Pasta helped me well, I advise everyone.


Review: I have a problem since childhood with yellow teeth. My friend used the name Whitening Plus to improve the color. Bleaching after 5 weeks went well, the color became lighter and somehow brilliant, or something, but after brushing sometimes I feel my teeth, it seems to hurt a little. Now I advise everyone to buy just such a paste, as the effect is there, which pleases.

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