Irrigators akvadzhet: reviews about the model Aquakjet LD-A7

Description of the device irrigatorOral irrigators in our country are just beginning to gain popularity. This medical equipment, although it is present on the shelves of pharmacies in abundance, buyers are in no hurry to buy it, because they simply do not know about its purpose. Our people learn about these devices only after problems with gums or teeth appear.

Irrigator - a device that is necessary for all who care about their health. It allows you to lift oral care to a completely different level. Without a hint of slyness, it can be said that this care is almost as effective as professional dental cleaning in the dental clinic. Feedback from real people confirms this.

My gums are constantly inflamed. Because of this, he became a frequent visitor to dental offices. After another visit to the dentist, the doctor advised me to buy Aquajet LD-A7. I obeyed and never regretted. Two months later, the dentist said significant improvement in gums. Now the gums are not inflamed and do not bleed.

Damir, Kazan

The stores sell appliances from various manufacturers. A variety of models is amazing. However, at the moment the most popular irrigator is the Aquajet ld a7 model. Feedback on this model is purely positive.

Why do I need an irrigator?

Such a device is a special system that allows you to supply water to your teeth under high pressure. Such an impact allows you to quickly and effectively clean your teeth and wash out contaminations from even the most inaccessible places. As a result, brushing your teeth becomes on average 70% more efficient.

The device consists of the following elements:

  • Compressor. This is the main element of the irrigator.
  • Water container or antiseptic.
  • Handles with interchangeable nozzles.

Before using the device owner must fill the water container. It is not recommended to run irrigator without liquid. A single dry start is allowed at the time of purchase for a performance check.

If the device is filled, the liquid from the container begins to flow to the nozzle immediately after turning on the device. This creates pressure, which is enough to effectively remove plaque and stimulate blood circulation in the gums.

Benefits of the irrigator

Compared with traditional teeth cleaning systems Aquajet LD-A7 has the following advantages:

  • What are the advantages of the model akvadzhetAbility to carry out professional cleaning of the oral cavity at home.
  • Reliable protection of gums from possible inflammatory processes.
  • Ability to clean implants, braces, dentures and the surface of the tongue from the microbial film.
  • Increased blood microcirculation in soft tissues due to the massage effect of a jet of water.
  • Improvement of the salivary glands.


Irrigators were created with the expectation that these devices fit the vast majority of people. In terms of functionality there are no complaints. But the acoustic comfort of these devices is low. Engineers did not manage to get rid of the noise of the compressor during operation. Actually, this is the only drawback of these devices.

It is also useful for buyers of the irrigator to know that the device is not capable of eliminating the use of a toothbrush and hygienic thread. The latter can be used several times a day, and the irrigator can be used only a few times a week. Daily use may harm the gums.

In addition, irrigator cannot be used in the following cases:

  • A patient recently underwent a dental intervention.
  • The patient has a periodontal exacerbation.

Types of irrigators

In stores today you can find devices of the following types: road, connected to the plumbing system and stationary.

  1. How the irrigator worksTravel or portable. This device has small dimensions and light weight. As a power source, he uses ordinary batteries. For all the small and the size of this type of instrument pays power. She has a very small road irrigator. However, this is quite enough for the procedure of brushing your teeth on the road or in the country.
  2. Pluggable. The device has the simplest design. It does not require electricity, as the necessary pressure in the device is created due to the pressure in the water supply system. Connects such a device to a conventional faucet.
  3. Stationary. For the operation of such a device requires an electrical network. The device is simple and easy to use, and also demonstrates maximum efficiency. It takes a lot of space, so you can only use it at home or in a dental office.

Irrigators may also vary fluid container volumes. The largest volume have containers at stationary devices. The smallest portable irrigator.

Different models of irrigators have a different number of adjustments. Expensive models can have up to 10 adjustments. Cheap irrigators do not have more than 2 modes of operation.

Finally, irrigators differ in the number of nozzles included in the kit. Naturally, advanced devices have much more. All nozzles have the same size and in appearance do not differ much from each other, so manufacturers label them with color.

Who needs an irrigator?

This The device is useful in the following cases:

  • In humans, the dentition has a special structure. For example, the teeth are crowded. That is, normal means of cleaning the teeth can not be done, but the irrigator is quite capable.
  • In order to prevent and in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the gums. Signs of inflammation begin to disappear within 2 days after the start of using the irrigator.
  • The patient has bad breath.

Bad breath started chasing me a few years ago. She treated all her teeth, regularly did a professional cleaning in the clinic, but the smell returned time after time. The dentist, after another examination, said that the smell was due to crowding of the teeth. The brush can not clean the interdental spaces and bacteria breeding there cause an unpleasant smell. The doctor advised to buy Aquajet LD-A7. After purchase of the device and the beginning of its use the unpleasant smell does not return any more.

Dina, Novosibirsk

  • Irrigator aquadjetThe desire to make oral hygiene more quality.
  • Availability of braces, crowns, orthoses and implants. On sale you can find devices that have been specifically designed to care for braces and implants. They allow you to fully fight microorganisms. However, in conventional irrigators there are special attachments that allow good care for the bracket systems.
  • Diabetes. In this disease, the irrigator avoids gum inflammation due to infection of poorly healing wounds.
  • Pregnancy.

Who should not use an irrigator?

As mentioned above, there are no absolute contraindications to the use of an irrigator. Nevertheless, there are recommendations do not use irrigator in some cases:

  • Exacerbation of chronic dental diseases.
  • Bleeding gums after using the device.
  • Small age. Children can use the irrigator only after they can use the toothbrush themselves.

Model Aquajet LD-A 7

This device is manufactured by the company "Little Doctor". It is popular because of its low price, excellent quality and efficiency.Aguajet container is made of transparent plastic. This is very convenient because it allows the owner to monitor the level of water or antiseptic in the tank.

Aguajet LD - A 7 is considered a family appliance. In the basic set the irrigator has 4 main tips, marked with color markers.

Model Aguajet LD - A 7 has the following features:

  • Features irrigator aquadjetIn the reservoir of the device you can add not only warm water, but also various solutions based on balsams with healing properties. As a result, the positive effect of Aguajet increases.
  • This model has a special handle on the case that facilitates carrying the device. At the same time, the irrigator is compact and equipped with lockable compartments for storing nozzles.
  • Unlike irrigators from other manufacturers, Aguajet LD - A 7 from Little Doctor was successfully tested at a clinic at Moscow Medical and Dental University. Testing has confirmed its full compliance with all requirements of state standards.

About the irrigator Aguajet LD - A 7 practically no negative reviews. A negative assessment was given to him only by those people who did not become familiar with the description of the device and expected an instant result from it. Other reviews fully confirm the capabilities announced by the manufacturer and the effectiveness of this model.

The device is not as noisy as they say in other reviews. It can be used even when other households sleep. We use the whole family. We purchased additional periodontal attachments to aquajet ld-a7. Unfortunately, they do not fit in the storage compartments of nozzles, they have to be stored separately. The device is fully consistent with the description. We are glad that we bought aquajet ld-a7, and not more expensive models.

Nikiforov, Moscow