To clean the teeth and oral cavity irrigator, what is it

What is an irrigator - why does it brush teeth and mouth better than a toothbrush?Modern humanity is increasingly coming to the conclusion that for the implementation of proper oral hygiene is not enough just a toothbrush. Even the dental floss does not always cope with the problem, the teeth are sometimes so crowded that real craftsmanship is required for processing. The solution to the problem is the development and release of the necessary irrigator for the oral cavity, which helps to brush teeth, prevent the deposition of stone and reduce the risk of dental diseases.

What is a waterpik?

This device is not an innovation, because everything is new, it is a long-forgotten old. Until recently, only the doctors of dental clinics and offices could use the device. for professional oral treatment of patients. For quite some time now, the inhabitants got this opportunity after acquiring an irrigator in the trading network and using it at home.

In other words, a portable irrigator is a device that forms a water jet under pressure. She is removes plaque not only over the entire area of ​​the tooth, but also takes care of cleaning the oral mucosa and gums, and does it twice as efficiently as a toothbrush.

The use of jets of various types for the oral cavity

Depending on the method of forming a water jet, their types are distinguished:

  • How to choose and apply irrigatormonostroya flows in a continuous stream, the jet is created thin, this technology is obsolete and replaced in the latest developments with more advanced methods;
  • a pulsating jet creates interruptions in the flow so small that they are not visible, these microscopic shock effects for more effective getting rid of plaque and stones;
  • Advanced microbubble technology is based on the combined action of flow force and water bubbles.

Separately, it is necessary to dwell on the third method of fluid supply, which is characterized by the creation of small hydraulic shocks at rupture of bubble shells and improved cleaning. The content of oxygen in the bubbles contributes to the creation of an antibacterial effect. and the destruction of harmful microflora in the mouth. This is important for people who have periodontal disease.

Varieties of irrigators

By the way of using the devices differ:

  • stationary;
  • portable.

Irrigators and accessories - a choice for every tasteThe principle of work organization is the same; they differ only in size and method of feeding. Fixed devices are powered by electricity supplied in a common network, while portable ones use batteries or other removable batteries. Stationary set in shared bathroom, they are intended for general use by all family members.

Portable devices convenient to carry in your carry-on baggage when moving on vacation or on long trips. There are models designed specifically for children's use. The simplest options irrigators are designed for direct connection directly to the water supply network.Different models have in stock a few necessary nozzles with different functions, they work in one of 10 modes, and the power of the water flow is regulated by a switch.

Who shows the use of an irrigator?

Absolutely all people without exception can use the irrigator in everyday hygiene measures, but there are features of the oral cavity or developing diseases in which the specialist dentist recommends the use of the irrigator:

  • crowded and abnormal formation of the dentition, abnormal bite makes it impossible to clean the mouth cavity of food residues completely;
  • sometimes deposits of decaying food debris between the teeth create an unpleasant odor, which becomes a serious obstacle in communication;
  • weakened by periodontal disease, stomatitis gums to be massaged to strengthen, which makes the device;
  • sometimes during toxicosis during gestation of the fetus, any ingredients of the toothpaste cause unpleasant reactions in a woman, so cleaning with just a stream of water will be most welcome;
  • in order not to injure the oral cavity in case of diabetes mellitus (the wounds do not heal for a long time) it is worth using an irrigator, which cannot contribute to getting microtraumas;
  • If a person wears braces or dentures, then without the use of the desired device, he will face big problems, since it is difficult to remove leftover food from under artificial devices.

Contraindications to the use of the device

Sometimes such situations are simulated when using the device is absolutely contraindicated for a person:

  • during the postoperative period, a powerful water jet can destroy the fragile seams;
  • immediately after the tooth filling procedure, the pressure of the supplied water will wash the filling and you will have to get rid of caries again;
  • The acute stage of periodontal disease does not allow the use of an irrigator if, after cleaning under pressure, the gums bleed for 7–10 days;
  • young children can use the device only under the control of an adult.

Application technology

The correct technology of application of the irrigatorApply the irrigator to increase efficiency after brushing your teeth with a brush and toothpaste. In the capacity of the irrigator water is poured temperature, pleasant to the person. Sometimes to achieve certain goals, for example, bleaching, prevention of caries, cavity disinfection, getting rid of unpleasant smell, in the tank the necessary liquid or solution of medicines is poured. Some appliances should be connected to the water supply.

From the nozzles offered to this model, the necessary one is selected and connected to the tip where it is fixed. To select the power of the water jet there are certain rules that state that you can not immediately use a strong pressure. Pre low pressure treatmentwhich increases gradually. After that, the tip is inserted into the mouth cavity and the head is tilted over the sink.

Only after that make the device turn on, pre-compressed lips for the impossibility of splashing water or solution. It is recommended to open the mouth with the first jets of water. Cleaning is done from the back molars, the tip is placed at an angle of 70–90º above the edge of the gums. Then comes the turn of the chewing incisors from the top and bottom. After applying the irrigator, its parts are thoroughly washed with water.

The application instruction is not particularly complex, more detailed information can be read for each device separately. Before using the device, you should consult with your doctor.

Types of nozzles irrigator

The device is used not only to clean the teeth, but to reduce inflammation or antibacterial treatment of the oral cavity, which is characterized by the use of various attachments:

  • nozzle of the classical form;
  • tip for the treatment of periodontal disease;
  • orthodontic sprinkler;
  • spoon with the function of cleaning the surface of the tongue;
  • nozzle with a miniature turbine design.

Common models of irrigators that are in demand among the population

Model Akvadzhet

The aquajet irrigator is a popular solution.The irrigator of this production line is the latest development in the field of cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the dentition. Differs in enviable multifunctionality, along with cleaning produces massage gums.

Durable device has several modes of water supply.

The material for the parts is a pre-tested, safe polymer. Affordable, the irrigator becomes indispensable prevention at home.

Portable device for travel Well WI-911

Differs profitability, effective cleansing of the oral cavity. It has a decent design, is increasingly becoming a constant companion of travelers and vacationers. Fits easily into a bag and is carried in your hand. It is advisable to use after using a toothbrush.. Under the condition of wearing correctional prostheses or braces, the device is an indispensable cleaning device. Power is produced from a removable energy element, the device is designed to work in three modes.

Purifying Waterpick Irrigator

It is a high-quality popular modern device. The changing power allows to clean the hard-to-reach places of the oral cavity from food debris in the most qualitative way. Is a kind of stationary irrigator, connect to a 220 V socket. Power is regulated in 10 modes. The tank for loading liquids has a volume of 0.6 litersThe jet pulsation frequency is about 1200 beats per minute. A reliable and efficient device allows you to take good care of your gums, teeth and tongue. It is recommended to use after applying a toothbrush.

The device for cleaning Donfil

Irrigator Donfeel - features and equipmentThe device became famous for a variety of nozzles designed for various procedures in the oral cavity. Stationary placement, powered from a 220 V outlet, equipped with a long wire for convenience. Actively bought by people with various gum diseases for prophylactic treatment and recovery. This brand is easily used not only for the oral cavity., but also used for rinsing the nasopharynx for various diseases and thorough cleaning of the tongue surface. The price of the device is available to the average user, while the quality does not suffer.

Brown brand irrigator

This model is not very different from the above options, it has the same set of functions and operations. The aesthetic appearance allows the use of the device in modern design designs of bathrooms, it does not spoil the interior with its presence. Perfectly performs preventive treatment against periodontal disease, gingivitis, and is used in acute and chronic course. The disadvantage is that the device works only with filtered water or with medicinal solutions.

The device for cleaning under pressure Ves vip 003

A distinctive feature of the device is efficiency. The irrigator perfectly copes with the prevention of formation of a dental calculus, regular application will allow to get rid forever of a bad smell from a mouth. Manufacturers have created a device with increased power, with several modes of operation and a set of nine nozzles. A convenient 0.65 liter tank is equipped with a lid with storage space for nozzles. All these changes did not significantly increase the price, and the irrigator is still a sold-out model.

Irrigator Panasonic

An improved last version provides power from the battery, this item is not equipped with a memory and is designed for a long time. Charging occurs from the outlet for 8 hours, after that it works for two weeks without recharging. It is recommended to use as a road option, but not bad proved in home use. Differs in high quality of assembly and durability in operation.

Among users, it is considered one of the successful options, since all parts are fitted so that the device works economically. Beautiful appearance allows you to take the irrigator in the trip and does not cause complaints about the possibility of repair when some spare parts fail. Leading specialists of the company took an active part in the development of the device, using innovative ideas and modern technologies.

The device goes on sale with three productive modes of water supply, oxygen supply is provided. The tank for marching applications has a small capacity, 0.13 liters, for washing only filtered water or medicinal solutions are used.

In conclusion, it should be said that irrigators operate with a noise level that is comparable to the capacity of a working electric kettle. Therefore, new devices in which the decibel level is reduced from 70 to 60 did not cause much enthusiasm among users. The main thing is work efficiency, disease prevention and regular use of an irrigator.