The use of Calgel in teething: reviews and price

Gum gel for children when teething baby teethWhen teething a baby, pain interferes with restful sleep. Calgel will help with this symptom. The drug contains substances with anesthetic and antimicrobial action, which allows you to relieve gingivitis and pain. It will also help the child calmly and painlessly move the process of prosthetics.

Instructions for use and composition

Calgel will help children during teethingIn 1 gram of the drug: 1 mg cytilpyridinium chloride, 3 mg lidocaine hydrochloride, 70% sorbitol solution, ethanol, xylitol, glycerol, macrogol 40 (castor oil), hydroxyethylcellulose 5000, macrogol 300, levomenthol, lauromacrogol, sodium saccharinate, caramel, vegetable flavor, aromatizer, syrup, syrup, saccharine sodium, caramel, vegetable flavor.

A drug consists of several active substances. Lidocaine has an anesthetic effect by blocking sodium channels, which inhibits the conduction of signals by an uneven system. Cetylpyridinium is an antiseptic that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

Calgel can be used from 5 months of age.


The drug can not be used:

  • In case of sensitivity or allergic reaction to cytilpyridine, lidocaine and other components of the drug.
  • Hepatic and renal failure.
  • Bradycardia.
  • Heart failure.
  • Arterial hypotension.
 Calgel and Dentinox - lidocaine ointmentCalgel for children - instructions for useCALGEL gum gel - help for babies and mothers.How to help the baby when teething

Before using medication it is necessary to consult a doctor. A small amount of Kalgel is applied to the finger and rubbed into the gum where the tooth cuts. The composition can be applied up to 6 times a day with an interval of 20 minutes.

Side effects

If a after applying calgel there were signs of an allergic reaction (itching, urticaria, anaphylactic shock), you need to immediately wash off the drug and consult a doctor.

To safely use the drug with other medications, you must first consult a pediatrician.

Children's gel for teeth Calgel - packaging photosSymptoms of an overdose of Kalgel:

  • Bradycardia.
  • Labored breathing.
  • Vomiting.
  • Pallor of the skin.

Analogs of Calgel

A drug quite popular and therefore it is not always available. In such cases, you can buy its effective counterparts.


Gum gel will help babies with teethingThe medicine contains lidocaine, chamomile and other substances. Available in solution and gel form.. It is used to relieve pain during teething in children. Before use, it is recommended to test for the presence of an allergic reaction to any of the components. The drug has no side effects and is considered safe. You can apply from any age. But you need to be careful, too frequent use leads to freezing of the mucous. This is due to lidocaine, which is used in the treatment of teeth. It is recommended to use no more than 2 times a day. On sites for moms about him a lot of positive reviews.


Kamistad gel for babies from cramps in the gums when milk teeth appearThe preparation includes lidocaine and chamomile. Means has additional antiseptic properties, which allows to treat inflammation of the gums. The drug has no side effects, but during the application there is a slight burning sensation, no need to be afraid of this. Due to the lidocaine content, the drug should not be given to infants more than 2 times a day.

Dr. Baby

Dantinorm Baby will help your child feel better when teethingThe medicine is very popular among moms, see reviews. The product contains: chamomile, calendula, plantain, echinacea, Althea root. The composition is made in Israel from natural ingredients. The absence of lidocaine makes it completely safe for the child.Often it is not necessary to use the medicine to get an anesthetic effect 3 times a day.


Mundizal gel for children and inflamed teethThe drug does not contain lidocaine, it consists of: tsetalkoniya chloride and choline salicylate. The drug is used as a therapeutic and anesthetic. Reviews about him are good.

Calgel is an excellent tool that will help alleviate the condition when teething in a child. In the pharmacy, the drug costs from 240 rubles. Dentinox will cost 200 rubles. In composition, they are identical.


My gums often bleed, and recently a wisdom tooth has also been added to this. The pain was terrible and in the pharmacy I was advised by Kalgel (photo), the reviews on the Internet were positive. A box of medication is purple in color and the composition is written on the side. In addition to the tube, inside is the instructions for use. The lid sits tight, the child will not be able to open. I did not like the smell of the medicine, but after several uses I stopped paying attention to it.

After the first use, the pain disappeared in about an hour, I was very surprised. I apply gel 2 times a day and do not feel pain at all. For a 10-gram tube in a pharmacy, I paid 270 rubles. I am very pleased with the result, I keep it in a pharmacy, in case the wisdom tooth gets sick again.


For many mothers, the period when a child begins to erupt teeth is a complete nightmare. Our daughter started it at 4 months. It was very painful for the child, and they advised me to buy Calgel, and use it with Nurofen. The drug is sold in a purple cardboard box. The smell of the gel is pleasant and unobtrusive, jelly-like consistency.

The first teeth cut through very hard, the daughter refused to eat. Nurofen reduced pain, but it can not be given often. Therefore, I began to use Calgel, applied 3 times a day. An hour after use, the child began to eat normally. Allergic reactions to the drug, we did not have.


  • Calgel gel for children - helps improve the well-being of the baby, who teethedPleasant taste.
  • Can be used from 5 months.
  • Does not contain sugar and aspirin.


  • Anesthesia does not last very long
  • The consistency of the gel is not very suitable for rubbing into the gums.
  • Consumed not economically.

Last year I bought gel for 250 rubles, and now it costs 320 rubles. I was very pleased with Calgel, now we always have it in the first-aid kit.


Teething our baby went quite smoothly, but there were crazy days. When the baby could not calm down and woke up in the middle of the night. After reading the reviews, I sent my husband to the pharmacy for an effective drug, he brought Calgel. The drug cost 300 rubles.

Features of the composition:

  • It has a yellowish color.
  • Does not contain sugar.
  • Sweet to taste, like a child.

Cons of Calgel:

  • Pain relief does not last very long, sometimes the child does not have enough time to calm down and fall asleep.
  • The consistency of the gel resists rubbing into the gums, most of it is smeared on the finger.
  • You can apply no more than 3 times a day.
  • The analgesic effect lasts 10 minutes.

We did not like the drug, especially for such a high price. It is suitable only for those babies who are not disturbed by teething teeth. But if the pain is strong enough, then you need to look for another medicine.


In the summer, our baby started teething and immediately 4 pieces. The gums are slightly swollen and start to bleed. To facilitate the condition of the child, I bought a lot of different drugs at the pharmacy. One of the first drugs we tried was Kalgel.

Dental children's gels are very easy to use.The composition has an anesthetic and antiseptic effect. The gel has a viscous consistency and a yellowish color. The analgesic effect occurs 5 minutes after application and lasts 15 minutes. This is quite enough for the child to calm down and fall asleep.

The anti-inflammatory effect of the composition is negligible; for this, it is better to use Cholisal In cases where Calgel did not help, I additionally used Nurofen, but this was not very often.

In general, I am satisfied with the action of Kalgel, for a short anesthesia is a good option, the reviews did not lie.