Acry-Free prostheses: features, reviews of dentists and patients

Acre Fries - DenturesAcri-Free removable and elastic structures are dentures of a new generation. They are made on the basis of acrylic resins, which makes them high strength, translucent and elastic. The best aesthetic appearance provides them with a shade identical to the gums and elastic clamps located at the base of the teeth.

Acry-Free when used do not cause discomfort, do not rub and do not affect diction. Dentists and patients about this type of prosthesis leave almost only positive feedback.

Design features prostheses Akri-Free

The design of the prosthesis has the following components:

  1. Dentures removable and non-removableAlmost transparent part of the gumswhich makes the product invisible and looks natural.
  2. Firmly secured on the basis of prosthetic artificial teeth. They are made from safe for the body plastic or ceramic and do not have metal components.
  3. Fasteners. For one or more teeth, clasps are used that are made of the same material as the product itself. If you need to replace the entire row of teeth, then suckers are provided.
  4. Gum simulators. They are made of translucent material and are not at all different from natural ones.

Types of prostheses

Prosthetics with the help of prostheses of the new generation is divided into partial and complete.

Partial products are used in the absence of one or more teeth. They consist of a base, artificial crowns and clasps made of a homogeneous material. Klammers are elastic semi-circular locks that securely grip the patient's supporting teeth on both sides.

Complete structures are installed on the entire jaw and mounted on special suction cups.

When is Acri-free used?

Prosthetics with removable dentures of the new generation are shown in the following cases:

  1. Removable dentures Akri-Free - advantagesThe absence of one or more teeth in a row.
  2. Allergy to metal or plastic products.
  3. The absence of the entire dentition.
  4. Bruxism.
  5. Periodontitis or periodontal disease. The design securely fixes the teeth and prevents their loosening.
  6. Epilepsy.

Acri-free recommended for people whose activities are associated with increased danger.

Advantages and disadvantages

Undeniable the worth of acri-free is its elasticity and invisibility to others. Even if the entire dentition is lost, you will not need to use special gels and creams to fix the product. The prosthesis reliably covers the gum itself with the suction effect.

Other benefits of Acre-Free include:

  1. Dental prosthetics - features of removable denturesTo fix the structure there is no need to grind the adjacent teeth.
  2. Securely fixed with clasps or suction.
  3. During the operation does not change its original appearance.
  4. The material does not absorb moisture and does not shrink.
  5. Does not emit toxic substances, does not cause allergies and does not irritate the mucous.
  6. In the event of a breakdown, the product can be easily repaired and not replaced with a new one.
  7. Can be removed during the night of sleep.
  8. The cost of Acre-free is significantly less than nylon prostheses.
  9. The ability to choose the product according to the color of the patient's gums.
  10. On the manufacture of the prosthesis takes not a lot of time.
  11. Can be used even if the patient has gum disease.

According to patient reviews Acry-free prosthesis very quickly you can get used to.It fits tightly to the gums, which ensures maximum comfort while chewing food.

Despite all numerous benefitsThe products of the new generation of Acre-Free are not without flaws:

  • during operation may occur atrophy of bone tissue;
  • compared to nylon dental structures, they are less elastic.

However, the latter drawback may be an advantage, since products with low elasticity can be used for gum disease and bruxism.

Service life and proper care

With proper care for removable dental structures, Akri-Free will last at least nine years. For this you need:

  1. After each meal, rinse the product with warm boiled water. It should not be any crumbs, which over time can rot and cause inflammation of the gums.
  2. To clean the prosthesis after waking up and before bedtime, using special toothpastes and brushes.
  3. Daily wash the structure in an antibacterial solution, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. It will prevent the growth of bacteria.
  4. If the dentist allows, but remove the denture at night and leave it in a special fluid.
  5. Dental Prostheses (False Jaw) Acre Free - Product BenefitsYou should regularly carry out professional cleaning of the product by visiting a dental clinic for this. Specialist with the help of special solutions and devices will remove dirt and polish the surface.

Before ordering for yourself removable denture Acri-Free needs to consult a dentist. The specialist will determine whether you are allergic to the components of the product, and whether it suits you according to indications.

Dentist and Patient Reviews

Dental prostheses Akri-Free from plastic structures are highly elastic. And from nylon products so that they can be repaired in case of breakage. The material of the manufacture of Acri-Free in color and texture is selected as much as possible under the natural mucous membrane of the gums. Prostheses of this quality are very comfortable to wear.

Implantologist AO Wojciechowski

A year ago, in one of the clinics near Moscow, I was given a nylon prosthesis. But unfortunately, I didn’t take him for long. The design broke. I was advised to Acri-Free, which is a modern version of removable dentures, and even repaired in case of breakage. I was very pleased with them.


To restore the dentition, he stopped on modern removable structures Akri-Free. Previously, of course, I read about them and other products of the new generation many reviews and recommendations. My doctor approved my choice, and very quickly I became the owner of new teeth. I advise everyone who can not afford implantation. Acri-free are acceptable and very comfortable. I got used to them quickly.


Removable dentures Acre-free and other prosthetic techniquesI installed Acry-Free in one of the clinics in Moscow. Service and the price of quality material is just perfect. With the kind of removable dentures for me, I and the dentist decided on the very first appointment. The specialist answered all my questions, asked my wishes, as a result he advised Acry-Free, which suited me perfectly. The entire installation procedure is fairly quick and painless. No need to go to the dentist a hundred times, then to the fitting, then to the molds, and even pay the extra money. Now I advise everyone only Acry-Free.


In this review I want to talk about my situation. With my teeth, everything was very bad since my childhood. They were treated a lot, cysts were removed under anesthesia and many more different operations were performed. And then at a time during the accident, I lost a lot of teeth. Only a few left. I began to think what prosthesis to put. After reading the entire Internet and consulting with various experts, she decided on a removable Acry-Free design. At first, I was very worried if I could get used to artificial, removable teeth in my incomplete forty years. But the fright passed immediately after installation.True, at first it was not very easy to talk, but after a couple of days I got used to it. New teeth look very beautiful.


Today is the fifth day, as I wear two removable prostheses - the lower Acre-Free and the upper byugelny. It is still painful and not very comfortable, but you can already smile. With diction is still bad. I go to the correction. The doctor tells me that I need to learn to talk. I reassure myself that I'm not the only one and everyone gradually gets used to it. I think that removable dentures are not very hygienic. Food is constantly clogged under them, and at work there is no possibility to pull out the structure. Therefore, I quickly run home, that they remove and clean. Don't eat all day though! Of course, it would be better to put the implants, but I can not afford them.


It turned out that I cannot install cermets, because I have an allergy to metal. In the dental clinic, I was advised by Akri-Free, and I immediately agreed. I did not regret it for a minute. Teeth turned out beautiful, and the price for them is quite reasonable. The procedure is short and painless. If you get into a good clinic, then responsive workers will dispel all your doubts, fears, and do everything at the best level.


My father had to restore his teeth in the entire upper jaw. In addition, he is allergic to metal. Therefore, implants could not be placed, and not all prostheses would work. Consulted with a dentist who advised Acre-Free. The design for the entire upper jaw was made quickly. Father has been walking with her for about seven months. At first I got used to it, but now everything is just fine. Hue during this time the product has not changed.