Reviews of candles for children viburkol and opinion Komarovsky

Viburkol candlesBefore the baby reaches one year old, parents will have to go through many difficult days and nights, which coincide with the time of eruption of the first and subsequent teeth in a child. In modern medicine, several medicines are available to help alleviate the suffering of a small person, among them the common homeopathic drug viburcol. These candle-shaped suspensions are becoming increasingly popular among parents and pediatricians.


The first teeth appear in a child. about 6–9 months old in the first year of life. But the individual characteristics of the organism can correct this schedule, and the baby teeth will pierce the gums at an earlier period or will begin to disturb the baby only closer to the age of one. Do not be afraid of such changes, the delay in the appearance of teeth is not a pathology. The first tooth is considered the most painful and difficult, but it happens that its appearance can pass unnoticed, parents will find it only at the moment when it starts knocking on a spoon while feeding.

Elevated temperature

If the baby's body temperature has risen, he behaves restlessly and the mother is sure that this is due to teething, then It is worth taking action:

  • in order to make sure the connection between the eruption of the tooth and the painful condition, they invite a doctor who will determine the exact cause of the sickness
  • stop worrying, gain patience and look at the child’s condition, sometimes the temperature to 38º should not be beaten down at all to give an excellent opportunity for the body to deal with the indisposition itself;
  • when the temperature in the body increases, the protective substance interferon begins to be produced, and microbes and viruses lose their vital activity due to this, so it is better to suffer and not to cool the body;
  • since the nervous system of the child needs night rest, the temperature should be shot down in the evening before bedtime;
  • if, while monitoring the state of the baby, the mother notices convulsions and spasms, then the heat should be turned down immediately, for this purpose viburcol is used.

The main causes of malaise

The process of the appearance of the first and subsequent teeth is not an easy test for parents, as the baby behaves unusually restless, crying, often wakes up at night and sharply reacts to the uncomfortable condition of the gums:

  • Action viburcolathe whims of a small person are a sign of a state that is very unusual for him, when a tooth cuts through the gum, and there is a strong fever, itching and unpleasant pains in the wound site;
  • the risk of infectious diseases and colds increases, as the inflammatory processes in the oral cavity reduce the immunity of the baby;
  • in the place where the wound appears on the gum, the body produces a large amount of saliva with bactericidal properties, inhibiting inflammation;
  • violation of the chair, the appearance of dyspepsia can be associated with the penetration of infection through the oral cavity, where the child takes any objects that come across, fingers, to instinctively reduce pain symptoms and relieve itching;
  • Scaly gums cause loss of appetite, and saliva irritates the skin of the cheek, neck and beard.

Viburcol drug

It is a homeopathic remedy. with a well-chosen complex constituent substances. The drug has an antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, sedative effect, prevents the appearance of convulsions. Its action is based on the launch of protection to restore the disturbed functions of a small organism. The components of the drug are selected in such a way that they do not have a destructive effect on the kidneys and liver of the baby.

Viburcol reduces intoxication, and the acute painful stage goes smoother, lowering the temperature leads to a decrease in the painful condition. The German-made drug is available in the form of rectal suppositories for use in the treatment of children with many diseases, one of such cases is teething. This form of release of the viburcola is very convenient for treating small children, since they react painfully to swallowing pills or refuse them altogether.

Instructions for use of the drug

As for the treatment directly with the viburkol, we are not talking about complex events, the difference, most often, concerns the dosage, which depends on the age of the baby and changing the number of candles installed per day:

  • Terms of use of the drug viburkolup to six months, a candle is used to reduce the temperature no more than 2 times per day during the treatment of a respiratory infection and for prophylaxis no more than 1 time;
  • children older than six months with the treatment of infectious diseases increase the number of candles per day up to 6 times per day, the lightened state reduces this number to four;
  • if the child is more than six months old, and the disease is in the initial stage, then it is enough to put only two rectal suppositories per day;
  • during the period of relief after the disease, it is recommended to use candles in the amount of two after six months, and at an earlier age one dose of the drug is sufficient;
  • to facilitate the state during the eruption of the tooth, candles are placed on a newborn baby 1 piece and after half a year they are used 2 times a day.

Natural ingredients of medication

Since the tool belongs to the group of homeopathic medicines, it consists of natural components are presented:

  • chamomile relieves the teething process, reduces inflammation, has a sedative effect;
  • bitter-sweet nightshade does not allow feverish infections to develop;
  • plantain has a beneficial effect on the intestinal and genitourinary system, which is important in terms of their malfunction;
  • inflammatory processes in the respiratory tract relieves belladonna belladonna, she also treats the tonsils;
  • Meadow chamber has a positive effect on the work of the upper respiratory tract, intestines and stomach, extinguishes mental disorders of the psyche;
  • a substance produced from oyster shells and bearing the name of calcium carbonate Hahnemann has a calming effect and increases protection against colds.

Indications for treatment viburkolom

Viburcol drug treatmentTherapy with homeopathic medicine Viburcol used in case of fever in the period of the appearance of the first and subsequent teeth. As one of the components of the complex treatment, the drug is used for the ARVI infection of the body, the appearance of convulsions of unknown etiology, inflammation of the urinary system and intestines, to reduce nervous tension and over-stimulation.

In some cases, teething coincides with the appearance of certain diseases of this type, sometimes, on the contrary, provokes the symptoms of the above diseases. Modern babies often react to chemicals with allergic reactions, so the use of viburcol becomes a real panacea.


Special contraindications caused by the negative influence of the drug on the child's body, the drug is no different. All components are selected for the loyal solution of the consequences arising when the first baby tooth appears. Therefore, a contraindication is only intolerance of a particular componentincluded in the medicinal composition. The drug can be taken with other drugs, data on negative interactions have been identified.

Features of the drug

Viburkol should be used in the evening, before bedtime or in the morning, until the child is actively awake. This results from the fact that for the best assimilation of a medicine from intestines, the kid needs to be some time in lying position. If this is not done, then a part of the medicine, diluted with heat, will flow out.

Absorption of a substance in the intestine is always more effective than the action of the same component when it enters the stomach and then into the blood, therefore, the action is manifested faster. Viburcol is often prescribed for children after a year and one candle each once or twice a day, as the disease state is very individual and manifests itself, sometimes, at an older age.

Doctors reviews about homeopathic viburcolle

Description of the drug ViburkolThe attitude of therapists and doctors of other categories to homeopathic medicines and, in particular, to viburcol candles is very ambivalent. Some consider the drug to be an effective medicine, many express the opinion that the therapeutic effect is manifested due to the placebo effect. Dr. Komarovsky, in particular, believes that the effect of the medicine is based on the addiction of the organism to the destructive factor. That is, the drug does not act on the disease, but directly on the child’s body.

But this approach is not scientifically proven, which indicates the lack of evidence of therapeutic treatment of homeopathy. According to his reviews, a viburkol can act only if it is purposefully prescribed for the treatment of a particular symptom, and not applied “from everything”. But it is impossible not to notice the fact that after the use of candles the children themselves calm down, the parents do not cease to worry and be nervous for their little ones. It is difficult to tell the little man about the benefits of the medication, so that he feels the effect of a placebo. Natural components of the drug in any case will not cause harm to a small body.

Testimonial: The drug was acquired by the reviews of familiar mummies, all young parents have some problems. The temperature he knocked our daughter is not much, but she I slept better at night, not capricious. I, too, began to get enough sleep at night. In addition, the child has decreased saliva separation, so the red rash on the chin has disappeared. I recommend this medicine, everyone says that children become calmer and less irritated, do not worry about all trifles.

Larisa, Moscow

How does viburkolReview: I began to use candles not twice a day, but only once a night, the tooth began to cut exactly six months, as scheduled. And the anxiety began when a white ball appeared on the gum, this is the place where the tooth will burst through it. My daughter slept very badly at night, until I started putting a flop at night. Little girl stopped reacting to itchy gums and tooth.

After the appearance of the tooth, I decided not to use candles for a while, as I thought it would take several days before the next tooth. But it turned out faster than I expected, and I had to use candles again for the night. The effect was not long in coming, my daughter slept evenly and did not wake up. Now we don’t have teeth cut, we do without medicine, but the teeth are still far from a full mouth, so we still have to use it.

Svetlana Irpen

Testimonial: The drug viburkol does not bring down the temperature very much, only the one that ranges from 37.5 to 37.8º. But after all, it is not necessary to knock down this temperature at all; it helps to increase the body's resistance. And if the temperature is above 38º, the drug does not cope with it. The only positive thing about using the remedy is that my son's saliva’s compartment has decreased, and he has become calmer.

Tatiana Belgrade