Asept's gum gel and its price

Gum gelThroughout his life, a person always faces inflammatory processes in the mouth area. This applies primarily to the gums. The pharmaceutical industry is a large number of medicines aimed at combating and preventing inflammatory ailments. The most effective means are gels, for example, Asept. This is confirmed by patient reviews.

Description and composition of Asept gel

The composition of the gelThe drug is intended for the treatment of infectious inflammation in the gum area, as well as for their prevention. Prevents the development of microorganisms and some bacteria.

The drug relieves itching, pain in inflammation of the gums.. Part of the propolis accelerates regenerative effects, improves metabolism and helps strengthen the gingival epithelium.

The active ingredient of the gel is propolis (10%). Additional components:

  • water;
  • carbomer;
  • Castor oil;
  • methyl paraben;
  • sodium saccharinate;
  • trietalamine.

Propolis in its composition has components that have a healing effect on gum tissue. These are gum and proteins, aldehydes and alcohols, polyphenols, vitamins, lactones, quinones and others.

Release the gel in a plastic tube. The average cost of Asept in pharmacies is 150-180 rubles.

Benefits of the medication

Asepta gelIt is perfectly absorbed into the skin of the mucous membranes of the mouth. On the surface of the gums after application, it remains for half an hour. There is enough time to get a healing effect and to disinfect the gums from pathogenic microbes.

The advantages of the drug include:

  • stopping inflammation;
  • no burns, because there is no alcohol in it;
  • it is easy to distribute the gel in the problem area;
  • general preventive protection of the oral cavity.

Indications for use

Asepta gel is indispensable for problems associated with:

  • periodontitis;
  • gingivitis;
  • stomatitis;
  • trophic ulcers;
  • periodontitis;
  • gum hypersensitivity;
  • avitaminosis;
  • for the prevention of caries.

Contraindications include allergic reaction only on any components of the tool, as well as pregnancy and lactation.

Sometimes drowsiness is observed, as well as dry mouth.

Asept Gel Application Rules

How to apply gelBefore performing the application procedure, the gingival mucosa must be cleaned. This is done with a rinse or special paste.

Next, a means of a thin layer is applied with a cotton pad on the inflamed surface. Do not drink or eat for half an hour. The gel should be fixed on the gums thoroughly.

The frequency of use of funds - 3 times a day. It can be increased if there is severe inflammation. Children under 13 years old can not use the gel more than 2 times.

The course of treatment is until complete recovery. It usually reaches 10-12 days.

Asept's gel is not a medicinal drug, it is used in complex treatment with other medicines. As a prophylactic, it is allowed to use courses up to 3-4 times per year.

When wearing braces, the remedy is usually used at night to prevent inflammation of the gum tissue, as well as to prevent inflammation. Use of Asepta does not replace toothpaste cleaning and hygiene procedures.

Reviews of experts on the use of the gel for the treatment of ulcers and erosions say that it is ineffective in this case. For the treatment of painful conditions should use other drugs.

Asept Gel Analogs

What are analogsGel in its structure and composition is original, there are no analogues. But according to the therapeutic effect it is perfectly replaced by drugs:

  1. Kamistad.
  2. Novosept.
  3. Holisal.
  4. Solcoseryl.
  5. Metrogil Dent.

Overdose and side effects

The components of the prophylactic Asept gel for gums with propolis, when applied locally, do not affect the whole body.

Very rarely is the development of an allergic effect on certain components of the drug.

You cannot use Asept's gel on your own.. It is necessary to obtain permission from a dentist or periodontist. If you feel a burning sensation, you must immediately cancel it. You can not swallow it!

Consumer Reviews on Asept

My gums bleed very often because I wear a metal plate. I use this tool all the time, it helps a lot. Immediately feel its healing and sedative effect.


To care for the oral cavity requires a good series. And I found her. The gel from this series is an excellent care for the mucous membranes of the mouth. I use toothpaste of this series, although its price is higher than ordinary pastes from the supermarket.


Asept's propolis gel is an excellent antimicrobial agent; wounds in the mouth quickly heal. But consider investing the applicator and the high price of funds worthless.


Means Asept with propolis has a minus for me - it is an unpleasant taste and smell. But it can be suffered, because The remedy is very effective. I bought at the price of 179 rubles.


Asepta is able to free most problems in the mouth and gums. It is required for the most pronounced effect to be used only with other medical preparations in the complex and for the purpose of the specialist. Gel is a dosage form that is very convenient and demanded by reviews among patients and the most effective in comparison with analogues.