Colgate Toothpaste: types and description

Colgate toothpaste descriptionTo date, the range of toothpastes Colgate is the most diverse of all that are on the market. Among all the different tools you can choose a paste that is suitable for any indication and of any age. Colgate toothpastes are popular not only in our country, but throughout the world.

Colgate Toothpaste Overview

Numerous tests made over the company's centuries-long history have made it possible to develop a line for the care of the oral cavity, which includes more 20 varieties of pastesdesigned to solve a variety of problems.

About company

The manufacturer of pastes is the concern Colgate-Palmolive. The company started its activity back in 1806. Initially, the company was engaged in the manufacture of soap and the sale of starch, eventually switching to the production of dental powder.

After the reorganization of the work, the company first manufactured toothpaste, where a tin tube was used as a container. Gradually expanding and improving the range, Colgate began selling her products to many countries around the world, including our country. By 2016, products of this company are sold in about 250 countries.

The main purpose of the product

The range of Colgate products was developed in such a way that any consumer could choose a paste that could help solve his problems related to dentistry.

To the main tasks that can solve company funds, relate:

  • What is the colgate pasteremoval of bacterial plaque;
  • strengthening gums;
  • teeth whitening;
  • the destruction of pathogenic organisms;
  • remineralization of tooth enamel;
  • breath freshening.

This paste is used not only to solve dental diseases, it has good effectiveness as a means for prevention.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of this tool include:

  • Correctly selected components that, even with regular use, do not damage the enamel;
  • the possibility of frequent and daily use;
  • effective treatment of periodontal diseases, including bleeding;
  • variety of assortment in which pastes are presented for both children and adults;
  • democratic price;
  • no side effects;
  • protection against microorganisms lasts up to 24 hours.

The disadvantages of pastes Colgate, is only a small selection of taste.

Composition of toothpastes

The large range of effects of Colgate products is explained by the composition where there are components, different in action:

  • How does the paste colgateCalcium carbonate is an abrasive with antacid effect, which normalizes the acid-base balance of the oral cavity. Calcium enriches tooth enamel;
  • hydrated silica - an abrasive element that cleans the enamel and covers it with a protective film that prevents the retention of microorganisms on the surface of the crown;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate is an active surface element that polishes and cleans tooth enamel;
  • aluminum oxide is a crystalline abrasive substance that controls the consistency of the paste;
  • Triclosan is a substance of pronounced antimicrobial effects;
  • sodium monofluorophosphate - remineralizing agent that compensates for the lack of fluorine;
  • carrageenan is a natural thickener that is isolated from dry algae;
  • sorbitol - a substance for moistening;
  • sodium saccharinate - synthetic sweetener;
  • sodium carbonate is a substance that controls acidity;
  • methylparaben - an element with antiseptic effects;
  • PVM-MA copolymer - helps to remove plaque and prevents the appearance of a new one;
  • flavorings and flavors;
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine - used to form dense, stable foam and clean the crowns;
  • plant essential oils, which are aimed at tissue regeneration, removal of inflammation, removal of bacteria.

Types of toothpastes

Since the development of its first tube of pasta, Colgate-Palmolive has been producing analysis of its effectiveness. This makes it possible to create new varieties of pastes with improved properties, increasing the already large range of products.

Sensitive Pro - Relief

Toothpaste is designed for everyday use by adults and children for more than 12 years and has in the range of three types:

  • Characteristics of pasta colgateSensitive about Rel. As part of the tool are components that act as blockers of pain, reduce discomfort when the sensitivity of tooth enamel. They completely close the channels that lead to the nervous tooth endings.
  • "The restoration of enamel." The main impact of this paste is aimed at the restoration of enamel and the fight against caries, this is confirmed by the composition of this tool. The paste has an innovative formula that includes calcium, arginine and fluoride. With prolonged use, these elements create a film that saturates the enamel, strengthens it and, thus, increases resistance to the action of microorganisms that cause caries.
  • "Whitening". It is characterized by a gentle lightening and polishing effect, without damaging the crown.

Approximate the cost of the line Sensitive Pro-Relief 180-210 rubles.

Optic white

It is characterized from the rest of the species by an increased amount of polishing substances, therefore it is not recommended for children whose enamel is very sensitive. By their properties, abrasive elements are as close as possible to those used in soft bleaching in clinical conditions.

The paste can lighten the crowns for one tone per week with constant use. It is also equally effective in dealing with any kind of pigmentation of enamel, whether it is consumption of coloring drinks or smoking. Besides this, the remedy protects against the appearance of tartar. The paste has a ruler, in which in addition to the classic Optic White tool, there are two more types:

  • "Restoration and Bleaching". Together with soft whitening, the tool contributes to the remineralization of tooth enamel, due to the fluoride content.
  • "Instantaneous". The composition of the paste contains special blue granules, which have a lightening effect during cleaning and add shine to the enamel. The effect of slightly bleaching can be observed already after the first cleaning.

The cost of the paste Optic white about 310 rubles.

Gentle whitening

ToothpastesThis type of paste suitable for regular use, and makes it possible to gently remove the pigmentation on the teeth without damaging the enamel.

The whitening effect is achieved due to the action on the crown of microabrasive elements, as they are silicon dioxide. In this case, the composition contains fluoride and calcium carbonate, remineralizing bone parts of the tooth, restoring their natural color. Visible teeth lightening can be seen after two weeks of constant use.

The price of one tube is about 100 rubles.

Triple action

This paste has pronounced anti-inflammatory, whitening and anti-bacterial properties. Due to this, it plays simultaneously a number of functions:

  • fights yellowing of enamel;
  • reduces gum inflammation;
  • actively protects against the occurrence of caries.

In addition, pasta has a mint flavor that refreshes breath for a long time.

The cost of pasta is about 80 rubles.


These tools are used to solve a specific dental disease and are excellent for complex preserving oral health. Total is based on an innovative formula, where the composition is a triclosan copolymer, PVM-MA, as well as a system for controlling bacterial plaque.

This combination of elements makes it possible to remove more than 97% of bacteria in the oral cavity. Active substances affect up to 12 hours after brushing. Due to this, with periodic use there is a decrease in the processes of inflammation of the gums, as well as the amount of plaque.

This group of drugs is represented by a large assortment, which is divided into 2 main categories: standard and professional.

Professional pastes, unlike conventional products, are characterized by more active exposure, therefore not recommended for children. This line includes such pastes:

  • Colgate Baby Toothpaste Line"Fresh breath". Removes causes that cause an unpleasant smell. Creates lasting breath freshness for at least 12 hours.
  • "Interdental cleaning". The structure contains elements that contribute to the removal of deposits in areas difficult to penetrate the brush: the tooth neck on the gum, the space between the teeth.
  • "For sensitive teeth." In everyday use, it reduces the sensitivity of enamel due to a special substance, and also has a remineralizing effect.
  • "Professional cleaning". It contains abrasives that have a bright bleaching effect.
  • "Whitening". Quickly removes pigmentation from the surface of the teeth without damaging them.

The price of professional pastes fluctuates around 210-360 rubles. subject to a certain means.

Conventional Means Total include the following varieties:

  • "Propolis". In this paste is propolis, characterized by its healing properties. The tool allows you to increase the trophism of soft tissues and strengthen tooth enamel, reducing the risk of inflammation.
  • "Pure mint." Used to keep fresh breath for the whole day.

Their price is much lower than that of a professional group and approximately fluctuates around 150 rubles.

Healing herbs

This line is aimed at preventing the inflammatory process of the gums and its natural elimination. Exists Three types of pastes of this group:

  • "Sea buckthorn". The main active anti-inflammatory element here is sea buckthorn extract, which helps to strengthen the enamel of crowns and gum tissue.
  • "Whitening". It has a lemon extract, carefully lightening enamel. Also in the composition are extracts of lemon balm, eucalyptus, peppermint, preventing the appearance of plaque and actively removing bacteria.
  • "Healing herbs". Its extracts of chamomile, myrrh, eucalyptus and sage, help pain relief, removal of bacteria, rapid tissue regeneration.
  • "Sea buckthorn". The main active anti-inflammatory substance here is sea buckthorn extract, which helps to strengthen the enamel of crowns and gum tissue.

The price of one tube of pasta is 80-140 rubles.


This tool combines calcium, propolis and fluorine, due to which it has a complex effect:

  • enriches with minerals hard tooth tissues;
  • eliminates the causes of inflammatory processes.

In addition to the classic means, there is also a paste “Propolis Whitening”, which contains abrasive substances, making it possible to gently whiten the crowns.

The cost per tube is approximately 80-110 rubles.

Maximum protection against caries

This paste is used to remove caries and its can be used at any age. The composition is liquid calcium, penetrating into all areas, and strengthening the tooth enamel on the entire surface.

The tool is represented by 2 types: "Double mint" and "Fresh mint." The differences between them are only in the fact that the first version has a pronounced taste, which makes it possible to preserve the freshness of breath for more than 12 hours.

The price for pasta in this case will be about 160 rubles.

For kids

Colgate Pasta for Kids characterized by soft impact on enamel and active fruit flavor. The line for kids has 2 types:

  • How to use toothpaste"Doctor Hare". Used to clean the teeth of babies from 2 years. It has a small amount of fluoride, strengthens and nourishes the enamel.
  • Barbie / Spiderman. The paste has a high content of moisturizing substances that protect the mucous membrane and tooth enamel. The tool has a fruity flavor, and in its composition are colored stars, turning cleaning into an exciting game.

The cost of pasta for children about 160 rubles.

As you can see, Colgate toothpastes combine affordable price and high quality. Large assortment gives you the opportunity to choose the most suitable option, taking into account personal characteristics and dental problems. Suitable for children and adults.