Mouthwash Listerine: composition, type, reviews

MouthwashDuring oral care, most people brush only their teeth, not suspecting that germs also appear on the mucous membrane of the inner surface of the cheeks, gums and back of the tongue. Their reproduction can lead to various diseases of the oral cavity. Poor oral hygiene leads to unpleasant odors and inflammatory processes.

To prevent them, a comprehensive care with the use of toothpastes and mouth rinses is necessary. In the shops they sold a great many. But the effectiveness of many of them is unknown. Careful hygiene of the cavity will provide a rinse Listerine, reviews of which are mostly positive.

The composition and effect of mouthwash for mouth Listerine

Listerin owes his effective influence on the pathogenic microflora to its constituent active natural ingredients. Chief among them are:

  • eucalyptol;
  • thymol;
  • menthol;
  • methyl salicylate.

All of them are included in the baseline and do not contain alcohol. That is why children from 6 years old can use Listerine.

The composition of the rinsing expert line includes an inactive component alcohol. Manufacturers, it is specially added to facilitate the dissolution of bacterial plaque and better ensure the action of the active components.

Numerous studies have shown that the use of Listerine kills almost one hundred percent of the harmful microorganisms inhabiting the mucosa in the oral cavity.

With Listerine rinse The following results are achieved:

  1. How rinsing worksFor a long period, the growth of new bacteria is inhibited.
  2. The mucous membranes are cleaned from the decay products of bacterial cells.
  3. The protective shell of microorganisms is destroyed, due to which they die.
  4. The thin layer of plaque on which bacteria are attached is washed off.

If there are no bacteria in the oral cavity, but bad breath is still felt, then after applying Listerine, it will disappear.

Indications for use

Listerin can be used for rinsing the mouth as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent. To use him recommended in the following cases:

  • for comprehensive care;
  • with bad breath;
  • gingivitis and periodontitis, which are inflammatory diseases of the gums;
  • to remove bacterial plaque;
  • in the presence of enamel tartar.

All actions Listerina aimed at combating pathogenic microorganisms and other specific problems of the oral cavity.

Mouthwash Varieties for Listerine Mouth

Manufacturers produce two lines of their product - basic and expert.


Baseline listerine rinses are used only for preventive purposes:

  1. "Integrated protection 6 in 1". It promotes fresh breath, cares for the gums, prevents the occurrence of plaque and effectively fights bacteria. Thanks to its fluoride, it protects teeth from caries.
  2. “Strong teeth. Healthy gums. Prevents bacterial plaque on mucous membranes and enamels, thereby protecting the gums from inflammation, and teeth from caries.

Common Listerine baseline properties are:

  • pleasant and smooth taste;
  • does not contain alcohol;
  • Recommended for preventive procedures in the care of the oral cavity for children from 6 years.

Line "Expert"

Manufacturers released three types of rinse Listerine, each of which solves a specific problem:

  1. How rinse is applied"White teeth". Regular use of this type of rinse will prevent the formation of tartar and stains on the enamel. Therefore, it is suitable for people whose whiteness of tooth enamel has markedly decreased. In addition, he fights against bacteria that form plaque.
  2. "Protection against caries". The tool prevents the accumulation of microbes, protects against bacteria causing diseases, helps to remove plaque, strengthens tooth enamel, prevents the appearance of caries.
  3. "Protecting gums." It is recommended for people suffering from inflammatory diseases of the gums. It copes well with their bleeding. It prevents the development of bacteria that cause gum disease. On the day protects against the formation of bacterial plaque.

The taste of all rinses Listerine line "Expert" a little harsh, because they include alcohol component. Therefore, it is recommended to use it for children over 12 years old and for adults.

Instructions for use

Manufacturers recommend using Listerine for preventive and therapeutic purposes. To achieve the effect you need:

  1. Rinse your mouth with Listerine after each cleaning of the teeth twice a day. To protect the mucous from bacteria during the day it will be enough.
  2. For one rinse enough four teaspoons of funds. It is recommended to rinse your mouth for 30 seconds, after which the rinse is spat out. It is not necessary to dilute the baseline with Listerine with water, since its bacterial properties will decrease in this case.
  3. If the taste of the product seems very sharp, then to get used to it in the first two or three days you need to rinse your mouth for ten seconds. On the third and fourth day, add another ten seconds to rinse. And from the fifth day you can begin to carry out a full procedure in thirty seconds.
  4. Rinse Listerine, like any other, is forbidden to swallow. If it turned out that a large amount of money was ingested, it is necessary to consult a doctor for help.
  5. Listerine any line is contraindicated in children under 6 years of age. Expert line rinsing should not be used for children under 12 years old. Rinse your mouth with rinse children under 10 years of age should be under the supervision of adults. It must be ensured that they do not swallow the product.
  6. Women during pregnancy and lactation before applying the mouthwash Listerine is best to consult with a specialist. Although manufacturers contraindications in these periods are not stated.

Daily comprehensive dental and oral care with Listerine rinse aid will provide comfort and freshness for the whole day, while protecting against pathogens.

Listerine - consumer reviews

What do listerine rinse consumers say?Our family always uses mouthwash. We used a lot of different products, but as a result we stopped at Listerine total care 6 in 1. We chose the lilac color option, because blue is very hard to use. Although the result is the same. This remedy is not as burning and caustic as most others. It acts very gently and gives you a feeling of freshness all day long. It is enough for a long time, because it is not necessary to get a mouthful of rinse. Quite quite a bit.

We use Listerine mainly for the prevention of gum disease. My husband's gums are bleeding, so he often uses rinse. This remedy helps him very well. After brushing and rinsing, the mouth becomes perfectly clean. I used to constantly form a tartar on the enamel. After the last cleansing, Listerina began to use, and for two years now there are no stones. This result speaks for itself.

Olga, Russia

I started using Listerine rinse quite by accident. They gave it to me as a gift in the online store.Mouthwash products I buy very rarely. Mostly my husband uses them because he smokes. The fact that the rinse can protect the gums, I did not believe. But the gift decided to try. Means turned out to taste good. Before use, it must be diluted, so carefully read the instructions. Otherwise, you can burn the mucous. Since the rinse needs to be diluted, it is consumed very slowly. A bottle of 95 ml I used for a whole month. At the same time mouth rinsed daily.

The effect claimed by the manufacturers was amazing! My gums often bleed, and here I have been for two weeks, as I forgot about them. I want to buy a couple more bottles, but already large ones. Especially in our supermarket they are now discount. Another plus is flacon opening system. It will not open until you press on the cover and turn it. I calmly leave the rinse on the sink, knowing that my daughter cannot reach it and try it. If someone has problems with the gums, in my review I want to recommend them to use Listerine.

Irina, Moscow

The use of rinse listerineMy husband is constantly struggling with the bleeding of his gums, so we purchased Listerine rinser for him with mint. The manual was written that it reduces bleeding and inflammation of the gums, destroys harmful microbes. A bottle of blue liquid and a volume of 250 ml cost only 80 rubles. The smell of the product was mint and was pleasant. It consists of water, alcohol and some other chemical charms. Children under 12 years old can not use Listerin for sure.

As it was written, so we diluted the tool. On a glass of water - four teaspoons. Used after brushing your teeth in the morning and evening for a month. With the bleeding gums from her husband, this remedy has failed. I liked it for the freshness in the mouth, which remains after rinsing the mouth.

Lydia, Kazakhstan

I got acquainted with this product quite recently, and this acquaintance was not very pleasant. For more than a year, my friend has problems with gums. Things reached the point that he could not chew food, because they began to loose teeth. The gums are so inflamed that he has excluded hot and cold foods and drinks from his diet. After them, his mouth began to hurt. Doctors prescribed a rinse extract of propolis and calcium. Nothing helped. The gums ached more and more.

One of our friends recommended to try a mouthwash for Listerine. We didn’t really believe in it, but a miracle happened! A week later, my friend drank cold water, hot tea and chewed apples. Now we all use this tool for prevention. About problems with gums forgotten completely. I advise everyone to try.

Galina, Belarus

Properties of the rinse ListerineIn my review I want to tell you about the Listerine rinse "Gum protection". My opinion about him is ambivalent. On the one hand, it is a fairly effective tool that prevents the formation of plaque on the teeth and protects the gums. But his taste is so nasty and hearty that when rinsing my mouth I even had tears in my eyes. Began to dilute it with water, but tongue sting anyway.

When my husband put this conditioner in his mouth, he first thought that he was mistaken with a bottle and started rinsing his mouth with some kind of household chemicals. True, acting Listerine is actually effective. Already after several uses, my gum inflammation decreased. However, I believe that oral care should be pleasant. With Listerine rinse, this is not possible. Therefore, I will not use it anymore, and I do not want to recommend it to anyone.

Elena, Russia

There is a lot of debate about whether or not oral rinses are safe. But I can’t refuse to use these products, because I love the fresh breath that they provide for almost a whole day. Therefore, past the novelty Listerine "Green Tea" could not pass.It differs from its fellows with a taste of green tea and a greenish tinge. Bottle, not quite harmless composition and burning sensations after its use are almost the same as for all products of this manufacturer.

The manual says that Listerin of this line will help fight gum inflammation, strengthen tooth enamel and prevent the formation of caries. Children under six years old do not recommend using it, although I believe that even after six years, children should not use it. Adults recommend it to everyone. Its thermonuclear taste is worth suffering, in order to have a fresh breath and forget about the problems of the oral cavity.

Larisa, Russia